Broken ankle fears

Image: by contributed. John Gemill ankle injury
Image: by contributed. John Gemill ankle injury
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John Gemmell feared his ankle had snapped after a collision with Ian Black in the middle of the Ibrox pitch.

The Stenhousemuir forward leapt for a header and was caught by the midfielder as he landed - and immediately panicked.

“It was the same ankle I injured last season and kept me out for four months,. Initially I thought it was broken.

“But I iced it heavily and it was badly bruised over the weekend, but improved a lot on Tuesday, enough so I could do some light jogging at training on Tuesday.”

The injury may keep him out of Saturday, but not as long as the four weeks initially feared over the weekend.

“It was one of those freak days - and didn’t end the way I or anyone would have wanted.

“We’ll never play like that against them again and when we get Rangers back in the Ramsdens Cup semi at Ochilview, it won’t be as pleasant conditions as Saturday.”