Small business and football face ‘the toughest match of the season’ but Little Kerse boss insists it’s only half-time

Stevie Barr harked back to his beloved Liverpool’s unlikely comeback in the UEFA Champions League Final of 2005 when facing up to the coronavirus pandemic this week.

Thursday, 19th March 2020, 11:48 am
Stephen Barr, MD of Galaxy Sports at Little Kerse football facility in Grangemouth.
Stephen Barr, MD of Galaxy Sports at Little Kerse football facility in Grangemouth.

The Grangemouth facility boss says football and small businesses are facing their toughest opponent of the season – COVID-19 closures.

Like all football centres across Scotland, his has been hit by the Scottish Football Association directive to cease all grassroots and senior games and sessions indefinitely during the pandemic. Yesterday, all leisure centres in Falkirk district and further afield were closed for the forseeable future.

Repeating his football themed ‘team talk’ from social media he said: “The Home of Community Football has a very tough game ahead of us so it’s crucial that we have this team talk now rather than later.⁣⁣

Improvements have been made this year.

“We have a battle ahead to ensure we keep ourselves above any relegation positions. ⁣ With the HOCF being a football business, the recent red cards shown from the SFA will affect us but we’ve had tough opponents before.

“We are confident we can get through this but we’re counting on continued support from our friends and partners. What we have seen so far has been humbling and incredible from the football family at LK – that is the story after this one – how people have come through for us and for others.

“But we are a community facility and it is up to us to support our community now and look after one another – we can get that support back when we come through the other side.

“Football and business is secondary to family and loved ones so let’s ensure we all stick together, are sensible and take care in the current climate - it’s the health of everyone that matters.

The facility is usually busy - but has been forced to shut down during the medical emergency. Picture: Michael Gillen.

“Then we can continue to enjoy this football facility that we’ve all created because while it’s tough and we’re 3-0 down to coronavirus, it’s only half-time and we can come back and win this.”