From Russia with despair: The Benchman

It’s not one of the cheeriest Benchman columns of recent weeks with Falkirk’s first quarter review, Scotland in Russia and Stenhousemuir’s struggle for support.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 4:12 pm
Mystery Picture: Who is this former Bairns striker?

HALF TERM REPORT: We have now played all the sides in our League and have registered four wins. We have two out of the top three scorers in the division and have the best goal difference in League One. The league isn’t always won in the first quarter, although a good start helps. Remember the McCall start back in the last Brockville days? The next two quarters are crucial, and the draws need to be turned into wins if an automatic promotion place is to be secured. The two Fife sides look to be the main threats and the Bairns supporters are less than happy. This is the THIRD tier after all, and Falkirk are a full-time outfit with players who have played at a higher level. Maybe the report could read- Could do better, capable of much more but lacking in application.

ANSWERS: Last week’s picture featured keeper Bert Slater of Dundee in a Scottish Cup Final against Rangers.

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY: October 10 was the designated day to draw attention to the issues of Mental Health, but maybe there is a greater need for EVERY day to do so. There is aneed to end the stigma, to support those in need, and to better understand the issues facing all of us- but especially younger Scottish men. The Football Memories project has focussed on memory issues, loneliness and social isolation, but are working with others to address matters such as depression and suicide prevention.

ATTENDANCES: The Falkirk support has held up well, given the standard of opposition being faced, and to have an average home crowd of 3,819 for league games is impressive. There are plenty of examples of clubs attracting big crowds after dropping a division- if they star well. Remember the crowds Hibs had when they had Yogi Hughes, Russell Latapy and company in their ranks?

WARRIORS TV STARS: What a real challenge for the BBC ALBA production team to make the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Cup match at Ochilview look interesting. With the “attraction” of Waterford and no other football on offer, the Warriors must have hoped for a bigger crowd than 440. It must have tested the ingenuity of camera operators to make it look busy and there were plenty of spaces in the main stand alone.