On the road to Hampden

How many players in this Scotland team can you name?
How many players in this Scotland team can you name?

The Benchman looks forward to Falkirk’s Scottish Cup clash and admires the managerial selection process employed at Swansea.

CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE BALLBOY IN THE NIGHT: You couldn’t make it up, could you? Hazard is the villain of the piece. Then the ballboy turns out to be the son of a multi-millionaire and won’t be pressing charges. Don’t know about you, but I think it is disgraceful when footballers pick on innocent wee laddies like that. What do you mean Alex Rae and Airdrie?

POOLS PANEL - HAPPY BIRTHDAY: It hardly seems possible that the Pools Panel is 50 years old. I remember that terrible winter of 1963 that triggered the idea of guessing the results of postponed matches. The current panel members are Gordon Banks, Rodger Hunt and Tony Green - all have been on the panel for more than 30 years. The Panel once awarded Falkirk their first win of the season when even the most ardent Bairns supporters were prepared for the worst after a horrendous run of defeats and draws.

LAST WEEK’S TEASER: The Bairn who played for Aston Villa was in fact Jimmy Adam. He moved to Stoke City and then came to Brockville.

TEASER: When Chelsea won the 1986 Full Members Cup Final against Manchester City they had two players with a Falkirk connection. Who?

GOOD, BETTER, BEST: You have to admire the selection process at Swansea. Roberto Martinez was a good manager. How could they replace him? Brendan Rodgers came in and built on the good work. How could they replace him? Enter Michael Laudrup - and he does even better. That’s what you call taking it to the next level.

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Off on the road to Hampden on Saturday. Can we repeat the feats of 1913 and 1957? You need to hit form and have a wee bit of luck along the way. Forfar at home for the first time in the Scottish Cup will not be easy, but few gave us a prayer in 1957. Most of us have seen two Falkirk finals and it would be great to make it a hat-trick. Any omens?

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: The respectable-looking gentleman was Stanley Rous who was once a referee and went on to become one of the world’s leading football administrators.

THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: How many of this Scotland team can you name?