Lex Miller reveals his role in McKinnon settlement between Morton and Falkirk

Director, Lex Miller.Director, Lex Miller.
Director, Lex Miller.
Falkirk director Lex Miller is looking forward to welcoming Morton representatives back into the Bairns boardroom when the teams meet next month.

The Greenock contingent shunned the club hospitality in December with ill-feeling over Ray McKinnon’s defection still rankling.

But all that is in the past after the clubs made up and shelved their issues last week, with Morton’s settlement statement crediting the Bairns director’s role as key in negotiations.

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The identity of the peacemaker who brokered the deal came as a surprise to many Falkirk fans, but Mr Miller told The Falkirk Herald it was time to repair the damage done and restore the good relationship.

“Lawyers’ bills were going up and up and it was really all a needless distraction for both sides,” the local businessman explained.

“I had a long-standing relationship with Crawford Rae, and his late father Douglas, from my time as a director with Falkirk and on various panels and boards within the SFA.

“The board asked me to sit down with them and see what could be done and that personal relationship managed to get the clubs around the table.”

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With SPFL complaints being upheld, Falkirk appealing their £60,000 fine and more scrutiny on last August’s business heading for the Scottish FA Remediation talks had broken down between the two sides, so much so that the customary boardroom visits were skipped during the last 1-1 draw at Westfield.

Then followed more issues with fans fighting in the street after the most recent meeting in Greenock.

Mr Miller added: “Falkirk and Morton have never been like that with one another. I couldn’t believe it.

“Morton look to us as a model community club, just as they are. We couldn’t have the ill-feeling detracting from our standing like this, so I was keen to try to sort something out.

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“We spoke over the phone for a few weeks and finally sat down and reached an agreement because the situation was doing neither side any favours.

“Morton felt wronged, we felt we hadn’t done anything wrong but we discussed it all and came to an amicable resolution and can now move on and get back to working together as football clubs.

“I look forward to welcoming our friends from Morton back into the boardroom next month when the teams meet again.”