Leigh Griffiths: 'I didn’t apply myself in the best way possible' - reveals ex-Celtic star on his short-lived Falkirk spell

Leigh Griffiths has admitted ‘he didn’t apply himself in the best way possible’ in his short-lived spell at Falkirk, and over the past two years as a whole – as the 22-time Scotland cap struggles with finding a new club after leaving the Bairns this summer.

By Ben Kearney
Sunday, 3rd July 2022, 2:49 am

The 31-year-old striker, who scored twice in 12 appearances under ex-boss Martin Rennie and assistant Kenny Miller, is keen to keep on playing despite ‘many’ not wanting to see him continue playing football.

“It is down to me and how far I push myself. First and foremost, I need to take responsibility for what I have done over the past couple of years. I don’t think I have applied myself in the best way possible,” Griffiths told BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound show on Saturday.

Talent alone isn't enough. You need to work extremely hard. Over those past two years I thought I could just rock up to pre-season after taking a summer off.

Leigh Griffiths spell at Falkirk was a largely frustrating one (Photos: Michael Gillen)

“That just isn’t the case and the harder you train, the easier it becomes.

“There'll be split opinions on whether my career is finished,"

"I need to try and prove myself to people who keep doubting me and it seems nowadays that there's more and more.

"A lot of things have happened over the past couple of years and clubs might not want to be associated with me, but I'm just working as tirelessly as I can to get myself in the best shape."

The 22-time Scotland cap is on the hunt for a new club after leaving the Bairns

"A manager has got to take a chance and whether that's a chance they want they want to take or not is entirely up to them," he said. "As soon as a manager phones me or my agent up, they'll see that I'm fully focused, they'll see I'm ready to hit the ground running wherever I go.

"When I get a club, hopefully my confidence comes back and, when my confidence is at the top of its game, that's when you'll see the best of me.

"I'm being taught a lesson. You can't take anything for granted, especially in the football world. One minute, I'm at Celtic playing well and winning trophies and the next I'm finishing fifth in League 1."

Griffiths believes his recent change of agent has been his saving grace, and that without his backing the ‘many’ doubters would have won and he would have hanged up his boots.

The ex-Celtic hitman only managed two goals in his time at Falkirk

"If I didn't have him backing me up, saying that he's working hard to find me the right club, I wouldn't have it, I'd probably end up retiring," he added.

"It's difficult, a lot of people don't want me to play football, but for me I've got a family to provide for, I still want to play football, I still enjoy doing it.

"Yes, I've made a lot of mistakes in my time, but I'm still a human being at the end of the day. I still fully believe I'll get there.

"For me, I can still cut it at the highest level, I fully believe that, and it's about getting that chance to prove myself again. I've kept saying over the years, but I need keep proving myself to people who keep doubting me, there seems nowadays there's more and more.

Leigh Griffiths did show his talent in flashes, but it just wasn't enough

"But nobody will be more thrilled to do it than me, but it's about getting that chance and a manager who fully believes I can still cut it.

"Right now, you have to look at every option, it's a dog eat dog world out there, everyone is fighting for contracts and trying to get the best club they can, and I am no different.

"A lot of things have happened over the last couple of years, clubs might not want to be associated with me but I am just working as tirelessly as I can and get myself in the best shape, ready to go into whatever pre-season clubs are at.

"Then it's just about trying to hit the ground running, put a smile back on my face and be on the back page for all the right reasons.”

The former Hibs and Celtic star is open to a move worldwide, admitting he needs to broaden his horizons after a poor spell at Falkirk.

"100 per cent (about going abroad), hopefully my agent, who is working extremely hard to get me a club, whether that's here, abroad, or down in England, that's something I've got to consider massively,” Griffiths explained.

Former Bairns assistant coach Kenny Miller played a role in bringing Leigh Griffiths to Falkirk

"I'm not going to lie, my confidence is lower than a snakes belly at the minute and that's because I'm seeing people going back to training, playing games, being back amongst changing rooms.

"I'm doing my work myself in the gym and then watching Sky Sports news and seeing everyone back for pre-season.”