Time for another fans meeting within Falkirk takeover talks?

Mark Campbell would 
welcome another fans open forum at Falkirk to address rumours and explain more 
detail on his takeover deal.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 10:45 pm
Mark Campbell met with fans twice in July in formal staged Q&A sessions and has caught up with others at games.

The latest claim circulated and passed to the club this week was an allegation of a personal insolvency involving the Bairns’ preferred bidder.

Mr Campbell declined to discuss the 2010 notice from The Gazette when speaking to The Falkirk Herald yesterday, only saying “it was ten years ago and I can’t comment on that”. But he did say he had been open with the Bairns’ board and would welcome a chance to address the supporters again on the takeover deal which has reached the ‘head of terms stage’.

He said: “A fans’ meeting could be a good idea. I think I would be prepared to do that again, but it is something that would have to be arranged by the club. I am in regular contact with fans on social media, and have met fans at the games I’ve attended recently.

“Some fans seem more interested in the past, not the future. But 99 per cent have been very supportive.”

Mr Campbell was chosen as preferred bidder in July, with Falkirk officials taking his proposal forward over a fans ‘Back The Bairns’ ownership bid, and another offer fronted by ex-Bairns striker Alan Gow.

A completion date of August 31 was anticipated at two previous open meetings where the 46-year-old addressed the Bairns support, but a completion is now said to be at least six to eight weeks away.

Mr Campbell added: “It’s progressing but there has been a few bumps along the way.

“There’s been a number of issues sent to the club – some are warranted, others are not.

“I’ve been open with the board. They’re not seeing anything as a surprise. I’ve had a full disclosure. The club has done a lot of due diligence and we’ve had to provide a lot of stuff – they have our proof of funding, we have the money.

“It’s a big decision for them, some have been there 25 years. They have got to get it right and to the right person. We’ve been in constant dialogue with them.

“I’m not saying the [Gazette notice] information is wrong. But it’s not down to the fans whether the major shareholders sell up. The MSG has been fed a lot of stuff – some is not true, some has been validated.

“The club continues to operate. We’ve not signed the paperwork, and the MSG are still in charge and we are still waiting for the legal people to make the deal.”

Falkirk FC said: “We are continuing to actively engage with Mark and his legal representatives over the progression of the takeover deal. As soon as it is appropriate to do so we will make further comment.”