Falkirk AGM: Director withdraws from election and resigns from board

Falkirk director Kevin Beattie announced his resignation from the Bairns boardroom on the eve of the club AGM.

Mr Beattie (left) joined the board alongside Peter Duncan (right) and Gary Deans. Picture: Michael Gillen
Mr Beattie (left) joined the board alongside Peter Duncan (right) and Gary Deans. Picture: Michael Gillen

In a post on social media Beattie revealed he will not be seeking his appointment to be ratified by shareholders at tonight's meeting and was leaving the club board.

He was appointed one of three new directors in July this year during a tumultuous summer where the Bairns were at the centre of a takeover bid from Mark Campbell. He was joined by Peter Duncan and Gary Deans and the latter is expected to be appointed the new chairman tonight.

All three were included in the annual meeting's resolutions for the meeting tonight, at 7pm, in the south stand of The Falkirk Stadium.

Kevin Beattie has resigned and will not seek re-appointment. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Now however, one of those resolutions does not apply.

In a lengthy resignation announcement, Mr Beattie blasted the "current integrity at the club" as "highly unprofessional" and alleged he had been subject to what he regarded as "totally unacceptable bullying treatment" by some of his fellow directors

He added: "My aim on joining the board was to try to improve the fans perception of the board and foster a better relationship with the fans. Sadly, I have to admit to failing to achieve this and will now revert back to being a fan and part of the true lifeblood of the club. To say I am extremely disappointed at the treatment I have received from fellow board members would be an understatement to say the least.

"I am delighted however we have a true professional in Gary Deans who hopefully can stabilise the ship and take things forward."

Gary Deans (left) is expected to be named the new chairman. Picture: Michael Gillen

Falkirk FC have been contacted for comment.