'If anyone takes points from the Falkirk Stadium this season, they'll need to play out of their skin and work their socks off' - Captain McGinn on Montrose opener

Stephen McGinn says the Bairns home form this coming campaign has to be top-notch if they are to be successful, and that any team taking points from the Falkirk Stadium will need to work for them.

Falkirk captain Stephen McGinn in action (Photos: Michael Gillen)
Falkirk captain Stephen McGinn in action (Photos: Michael Gillen)

The former St Mirren and Kilmarnock midfielder was named captain of Falkirk ahead of the season start.

Speaking to the Herald ahead of the opening League 1 match against Montrose, he said: “The boys that were here last season mentioned the head to head results.

“When I found out the record against Montrose it wasn’t good to hear – for a club of this size it shouldn’t happen.

McGinn up against Morgaro Gomis of Clyde last time out

“They are a settled side and they have experience.

“We want to get used to winning games at home and making it a habit.

“It is easy for me as I don’t have any of the scars from the past few years, but I know as a player coming here in the past, when Falkirk were doing well it was tough place to come.

“If anyone takes points from here this season, they will need to work their socks off and play out their skin.”

Stephen McGinn scores from the spot in the shoot-out against Greenock Morton

Looking back on topping Group D, which featured Hibs and Greenock Morton, McGinn added that table-topping finish doesn’t count for much if they can’t follow it up with league success.

"You don’t start with any extra points because you’ve had a good Premier Sports Cup campaign,” he said.

“We wanted to hit the ground running and show that the club means business this season.

“It has helped bring a good feeling about the place and topping the group was a big achievement from the boys.”

Stephen McGinn wants to improve Falkirk's home form

The midfielder says one of the reasons he came to the Bairns was to work alongside manager John McGlynn.

The 60-year-old’s work at Raith Rovers made a real impression on McGinn.

“It was part of the reason that I came here to Falkirk,” he added.

"You saw his side be hard to beat but also really pleasing on the eye and of course, you want to be a team like that.

“The manager is meticulous in what he does and you are left in doubt about what needs to be done.

“The expectation is high here and so far everything has worked well.

“The identity and style of play helps because if you aren’t playing well, it is easier to fall back to how you should be playing.”

On his appointment as captain of Falkirk, he says it is an honour and a job he feels is suited to him well.

McGinn said: “The very first time I was made captain of a club was during a January transfer window.

“St Mirren were bottom of the Championship and I took it off another experienced player in Andy Webster.

“It was surreal at the time and a huge challenge but I grew to love it.

“A couple of years down the line, I have learned so much since then and I want to coach the younger guys in those difficult moments.

“I am getting older now and to be honest it gets easier coming into a new changing room.”