The oldest football clubs: How every team in the SPFL ranks in order of when they were founded

Who are the oldest clubs in the Scottish Professional Football League?

Here, we a look at when each of the 42 clubs were founded - ranking them from youngest to oldest. Click and scroll through the page to discover where your club lies:

Previously played in Edinburgh as Ferranti Thistle and Meadowbank Thistle.
A controversial merger between Caledonian and Inverness Thistle saw the new team formed as it gained entry into the Scottish Football League.
Before moving to their current Forthbank home in 1993 the club played at Annfield Stadium.
Entered the Scottish Football League in 2008.
Gained entry to the Scottish Football League in 1994.
Won promotion to the Scottish Professional Football League in 2016.
The club took its name from the nickname bestowed on Dumfries by local poet David Dunbar.
The club came into being after Ayr FC and Ayr Parkhouse merged.
Originally formed as Dundee Hibernian they changed their name in 1923.
Admitted to the league in 1923.
The clubs original colours were green and white.
Formed after a merger between Aberdeen, Victoria United and Orion. First game came against Stenhousemuir.
Formed from the amalgamation of two local clubs Our Boys and East End.
The club were formed through the amalgamation of Elgin Rovers and Vale of Lossie.
Started their competitive life in the Aberdeenshire Football Association.
The precise date the club was founded is unclear as most of Clydes historical material was destroyed in fires at Shawfield.
Despite their badge saying 1888, Celtic were formally constituted in 1887 but didn't play their first game until a year later.
Formed following a merger of two local clubs, Alpha and Glencairn.
Admitted into the Scottish Football League in 1921.
A split from the Dunfermline Cricket Club saw Athletic come into being.
The club did not play their first game until February 1885.
The club was formed via a breakaway group from a local junior team called Heather Rangers.
Became a senior team in 1889.
Formed after the merger between Coatbridge sides Albion FC and Rovers FC.
The club was officially constituted as Berwick Rangers Football Club in 1884.
Moved to their famous Central Park ground in 1917.
Started by playing in black and white stripes.
Liquidated in 2002 but full name restored in 2013.
Recorded their record 36-0 win in 1885.
The club was founded as Clackmannan County.
Their first game was a defeat to rivals Morton.
The specific date of formation is still uncertain.
Played local team Valencia in their first game.
Founded by Edinburghs Irish community.
It was only in 1994 that Greenock was added to the clubs name.
Became members of the Scottish Football Association in 1875.
Replaced Renton in the Scottish Football League in 1897.
Peter McNeil, his brother Moses, Peter Campbell and William McBeath met in 1872. Games were played that year but official founding was a year later. Liquidated in 2012.
Won the first two Scottish Football League titles.
The third oldest club in the SPFL.
Celebrating their 150th anniversary this year.
The oldest club in the SPFL.