Hetherington: We've folded too many times for it to be a coincidence

Falkirk midfielder Steven Hetherington said after the Bairns’ 3-0 defeat at home to Montrose in League 1 that the fans were right to boo the side off the park, saying they’ve folded too many times in matches for it to be a coincidence.

Speaking to the Herald, he said: “The game seemed to go the way many of our games have gone this year.

“We started okay, then lost a goal and that was it.

“The momentum then swung the other way completely and we can’t find a way to get a foothold in the game.

Steven Hetherington (Pic: Alan Murray)

“It’s happened too many times this year and the eleven on the pitch are accountable.

“To be honest, it’s far too many times to be a coincidence and it isn't good enough.

“Any belief we have to score just fades and the other team enjoy playing against us.

“It should be the other way if you go behind in a game. You should have no fear, or less fear to try things and be a bit more adventurous.

“You won’t get back into matches if you don’t do that and, when we go down a goal, it’s like ‘here we go again’ – that’s how it feels.”

He added the fan base have been let down by him and his teammates this year.

“I’m not going to disagree with that myself. I’m a football fan and you want your team to win,” he said.

“It’s alright sometimes if your team plays well but loses and it just one of those days.

“Against Queen’s Park at home earlier season is an example of that.

“But, this year, teams have enjoyed coming here, to be honest, and I have full respect for the support – they are spot on and we have let them down.”

Hetherington started the season as club captain under ex-boss Paul Sheerin and the Bairns started the season well.

Then it all fell apart, with the midfielder finding himself out of the team after contracting Covid-19.

He explained: “From a personal point of view, being the captain was an honour and I have no issues with a new manager making his own choice.

“I felt like I was chasing my tail a bit of coming back from injury over that end of year period and the results were very poor.

“The season fell away at that time and, personally, catching back up has taken me longer than I would have liked, so it’s been frustrating.”