'˜Get up and stay up' is the simple objective for the Bairns' new CEO

New Falkirk FC chief executive Craig Campbell has two big objectives at Falkirk and they're fairly simple '“

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 7th May 2017, 2:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:29 pm

Get up to the Premiership, and stay in the Premiership.

The new chief executive will take up the duties on June 1 and plans to combine the role with his position at the top of the club’s associated Community Foundation.

So he knows what he’s in for, and what’s required already even before his feet are under his ‘new’ desk.

“I’ve been here almost 18 months, every day, and know everyone in the club. I suspect the people who are involved in the Foundation are fans too so know me too.

“I have a good feel for what its all about, not coming in fresh and brand new to it so have a running start.

“I know the commercial sides and the boards and it means I can just get into it straight away and there’s no bedding in period.

“I’m going to cover both, and transition both, which is helpful too.

“The community is as important to me as the club side.

“The main aim, priority number one is to get promotion to the Premiership and number two is to stay there. That’s the two objectives really.”

In saying that, Campbell also wants to see more Falkirk shirts replacing Old Firm jerseys at community foundation courses, and people through the turnstiles.

“Match day is really good here. It’d just be good to get more in. It’s a good enjoyable day out but they just want a winning team on the park.

“The kids play on a Saturday morning through our teams. 800 kids, and we’ll try get them all to come along on a Saturday afternoon and it joins them together a bit better.”

His additional attendance ambition is perhaps not quite so many as one of his previous ventures. Campbell was CEO of the Homeless World Cup, which attracted a 170,000 crowd to a single event in Mexico City, but the principles are the same, he says.

“It was always about quality. Whether it was a homeless person or a Champions League player, we wanted the quality and the are quality of stuff so if you went along to one of the tournaments in Mexico City, 170,000 came to watch it, it was high quality stuff, the stadiums and brands involved were high quality and that’s the same things trying to be achieved for the football club.

“People to come enjoy themselves in a high quality environment, and high quality brands who want to be involved.”

“A lot of things like that I can bring to bear here.”

Club chairman Doug Henderson was delighted with the appointment, announced last week, and added: “Clubs need strategy, direction and delivery and we need someone to co-ordinate that.

“Clubs which are ambitious clubs have to perform on the pitch but they have to perform in the background because that provides the facilities that the performances on the pitch are based.

“He’s had a very strong record in the Foundation it’s doing really well and I’m confident he’ll transfer the talents into the rest of the football club and provide us with good leadership together with Kieran [Koszary].”

He added: “It’s not something that I’ve been looking for directly since coming in but it makes good common sense for the business and in a football sense.

“I think we have the right person.”

One of Campbell’s recent developments has been the new surface at Woodlands Park in the town centre.

Next up will be the finishing touches to the Foundation’s south stand, multi-purpose social space area and the new club gymnasium ‘behind the goals’.