Gary Holt reflects on the pressure facing managers in the English Premier League

Gary Holt
Gary Holt

Falkirk boss Gary Holt says he hasn’t been in the job long enough to comment on David Moyes’ sacking yesterday.

The Scotsman was axed ten months into the job at Old Trafford, while Holt recently marked one year in charge at Falkirk.

And the Bairns boss believes though he’s learned a lot in those 12 months, he still hasn’t been a boss long enough to offer his thoughts on the Manchester moves.

“I don’t feel I can comment because I’ve been doing the job still, for such a short time,” he said.

“What I have here is very different to what it’s like at Old Trafford or in England.

“Here I have my job and considerations, but there it’s so much more - it’s world news, global support and shares and stock markets. It’s a different world.”

Moyes is the latest managerial casualty in the Premier League south of the border, follwoing Holt’s former employers Norwich City’s decision to sack Chris Hughton earlier this month.

They replaced him with Holt’s old colleague Neil Adams.

“Neil and I used to run the Norwich under-18s and he’s a great guy. We got on great and built a good team.

“It’s a tough ask for him though with the club near the bottom and with so few games remaining. I wish him all the best though.”