You can’t pick a team by numbers

Who is this goalkeeper?
Who is this goalkeeper?
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There were familiar figures at Easter Road on Saturday, but that’s no reason to assess a game purely focussed on them, says The Benchman.

HOME FROM HOME: Just how many at Hibs have been involved with Falkirk at some time or another? We had Liam Craig and Farid El Alagui on the pitch and there was Eddie May on their coaching staff with George Craig as Head of Football Operations. You could easily field two teams of players who have played for both clubs, and have managers and coaches who have been at Brockville and Easter Road.

PRICED OUT OF THE MARKET: The prices being charged at Hibs and Hearts are ridiculous and it’s easy to see why some Edinburgh fans have chosen not to renew their season tickets. There were only 734 Falkirk fans at the game and you can understand the reluctance to shell out £22 for an adult ticket. Some clubs are on a road to oblivion. How can they expect a family of mum, dad and kids to go to a match at over £100 a time?

MEN OF THE MATCH: What a great team effort that was at Easter Road and it was impossible to select one single Man of the Match. At the back, McCracken and Vaulks were immense, in midfield Taiwo was outstanding, while up front Loy was an excellent lone striker. You can only hope that the Board resist all transfer approaches for the star attractions.

BEWARE THE END OF AUGUST: Even as we approach the end of month one, there must be some managers whose jackets are on the proverbial shoogly peg. Boards must wonder if they have made a big mistake and decide if they need to jettison their man before further damage is done and the situation becomes irrecoverable. Fulham? Leeds?It’s a hard call. Remember those supporters who were calling for Jim Jefferies to be sacked after a few games in charge at Brockville?

LIES, DAMN LIES AND STATISTICS: Deliver us from statisticians! Alan Stubbs told the press conference that his team had 18 shots on target.There are those who dissect every move, pass, shot and produce reams of data and analysis. Some even select their teams based on statistical data rather than actual performance on the park, or at training. In my experience one set of statistics in football are vitally important. I have always found that the team that scores more goals than the other team usually wins. I have statistical evidence to prove this if required.

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery man was Bobby Morrison. The Mexican team were UNAM, know as The Pumas.

WHAT IF?: Let’s say Brora win the Highland League and Spartans win the Lowland 
League. If The Shire finish bottom of Division Two they play the winners of the play-off. If Brora beat Spartans and then beat The Shire- does that mean The Shire have to join the Highland League? Surely not.

TEASER: From which club did Falkirk sign Mo Johnston?

Match rating: 9
Team rating: 8
Opposition: 8
Referee: Murray 8
Best Bairn: McCracken