Winning star McGovern breaks trend of departure

Michael McGovern and Lyle Taylor are two players Falkirk fans feared losing the most next season.

Little wonder, if the Falkirk Herald’s Starshot awards are anything to go by. The goalkeeper shaded the points total from the free-scoring forward after narrowly missing out the year prior to Mark Millar.

And in years gone by, with winners like Darren Barr, Bobby Olejnik then Millar – each recipient of the award has departed soon after.

Not so McGovern. He has held talks with manager Gary Holt over the contract offered to keep him in the same team as Taylor – for now.

And as the goalkeeper collected his first Starshot trophy at Stirling last month, he admitted to The Falkirk Herald it’d take a good offer to lure him away from Westfield.

“I’ve always said if I was going to another club I’d need to go somewhere that had a reasonable chance of me holding onto the jersey, I don’t want to edge number two and get games here and there so it’d need to be a good offer to make me leave and those type of offers don’t come around all to often – but when they come you have to take them.

“I love it at Falkirk, I’m very happy here and it’s a great club,” the keeper told The Falkirk Herald.

And the club loves having him too. McGovern not only scooped this year’s Starshot award, he was also the Players’ Player of the Year at the club awards – for the second year in a row.

“I was surprised to get the awards - the club’s one and of course this Falkirk Herald Starshot award – it must’ve been close with Lyle being as good as he has been.

“I think I’ve been quite consistent and similar to last term – I’ve been pleased with my form. I’ve had a bit to do at times and to be fair the boys ahead of me have done well too and performed well. We are second to the amount of clean sheets we’ve had in the league. After the Hibs semi-final we have conceded a few sloppy goals but until then we were second or third for least goals conceded in it too so it’s been pleasing because a goalkeeper, naturally, always wants to rack up clean sheets, and concede the fewest goals.

“We missed Dodsy at the start of the season when he had an injury and I think that affected how we started the season - I think we missed the experience he brings.

“The rest of the boys have been solid, (Stephen) Kingsley especially – considering it’s his first season he’s come on leaps and bounds.

“Games have been important to his development and I’ve always said it’s games that are important to me too.If you’re playing regularly and the manager has faith in you that you’ll play the following week, that’s an important thing. But at the end of the day I’m ambitious but want to play.

“That was the case last season and it is a big pull with Falkirk – I love it here and can play every week, if I were to go elsewhere I possibly wouldn’t have that chance.”