When physios get physical

Do you recognise this famous footballing figure?
Do you recognise this famous footballing figure?

The Benchman was enthralled by a tight contest on Saturday - not the football though.

MYSTERY PIC: Who is this famous knight of the realm who was a well-known figure in football?

AND THE WINNER IS...: The race of the day was between two thoroughbreds. Off they shot at the starter’s signal and raced neck and neck. There wasn’t much in it, but Falkirk physio Kenny Cross just came home a neck ahead of ex-Bairns physio Kenny Crichton as they sped to treat their respective players following a head knock. Kenny One had the sponge out for Jay Fulton before Kenny Two had reached Conrad Balatoni. Steward’s Enquiry?

LAST WEEK: The Bairn in the teaser who tasted success with Ballymena was Alex McCrae who played in their successful side along with a young Tommy Lowry. Regulars in the Wheatsheaf would have recognised the young man at the right of the front row- Roy Kemp- who also played for Falkirk and Carlisle. Roy swears they only played in these shorts once. Not surprised really.

P45 AT THE READY:How do you explain football management to an outsider? Nigel Atkins takes Southampton from League One to the Premiership, climbs out of the drop zone, draws at Stamford Bridge and then- is sacked. His replacement struggles to speak English and was sacked by Espanyol. When was the decision really made?

THE MARYHILL CHOIR: Well done to the lads in the Thistle Choir section. They added to the atmosphere of the game and came up with some good stuff, even if it was variations on a theme. “I’m no a Billy, I’m a Jag” is hardly unique.

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Had to smile when Conrad Balatoni scored the opener. The tannoy blasted out the theme from “Balamory”.

DEJA VU-ALL OVER AGAIN: It looked ominous when Thistle scored after only four minutes. That’s what they did in the first Firhill encounter this season. In that game, they added a second after seven minutes and we all feared a repeat performance. “Have we passed seven minutes yet?” was an anxious question in the press box.

GRANGEMOUTH STAR SPOTTED: I enjoyed seeing the schoolboy photo of George Young last week. Big George was famous with his class-mates at Dundas Primary due to his ability to head a tennis ball the length of the playground. Those of you who knew the old Dundas building in Dundas Street will appreciate the length of the yard. George starred in Junior Football before Grangemouth Old Town blacksmith Tom Robertson recommended him to Rangers.

Match rating: 7
Team rating: 5
Opposition: 7
Referee: Potter 6
Best Bairn: Michael McGovern