What did he say and what does that mean?

Alex Ferguson. Benchman.
Alex Ferguson. Benchman.
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The Benchman can’t believe his ears as the scores are announced at Falkirk

JUDO REFEREE: Talking of the Bairns front man, just what do you have to do to get a foul these days? The striker was pulled, pushed, pinned down, held back and still referee O’Reilly waved play on. Where’s Kent Walton when you need him?

PARLIAMO?: The Raith fans had a giant flag draped over the seats in the front right of the North Stand. We all wondered what the motto on the banner was- “ Stregato da una Stella”. All we could find was the name of a 1994 TV film of that name- Starstruck. Anyone shed any light on the mystery?

LAST WEEK’S TEASER: When Blackburn won their first League Championship in 1912, Falkirk’s Jocky Simpson was a member of the side.

A MIND OF YOUR OWN: Referee’s assistant? Did you ever see anything like that during the second half on Saturday. An incident right in front of the linesman. He points for a Falkirk corner. Some 30 yards away from the incident,Mr. O’Reilly is pointing for a goal kick to Raith. His assistant, ready to obey, but not wanting to make an idiot of himself in front of the South Stand, slowly raises his flag from the corner to the goal-mouth, but in seven very jerky movements. Yes- we all noticed.

SUNNY AFTERNOON: The first home game of the season. A nice balmy afternoon. No major counter-attractions. Where were the fans? So much for Sell-Out Saturday.

THINGS YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU’D HEAR NO.348: “That’s The Shire one up at Ibrox, and they’ve only played three minutes.” Stunned silence.

MYSTERY PIC: Last week we showed a picture of Aberdeen’s Bobby Clark. Unfortunately, due to a slip of the editor’s cropping key Stuart Kennedy was cut off in his prime to make the circular pic. Sorry Stuart and apologies to those who went out to buy another Herald to see if he was in that one.

MYSTERY PIC: Can you name this forward and what is his Falkirk connection?:

A VIEW TO AVOID: Decided to change seats at half time and watch the game from the front row of the upper right hand side of the West Stand. Why was I the only one in the row of seats? I soon found out. The metal bars completely ruin your view of the game.


Match rating: 8

Team rating: 5

Opposition: 7

Referee: O’Reilly 4

Best Bairn: Lyle Taylor