Time to take a leaf out of rugby’s book?

Allegedly Falkirk's most expensive signing ...
Allegedly Falkirk's most expensive signing ...

Observations from the Bairns’ long trip north

DON’T LOOK ETHEL: The words of the old Ray Stevens song came back to mind when that youngster decided to do a streak at Victoria Park last Saturday. He made it to the halfway line before his tackle was tackled and modesty was restored. There have been several names put forward to the authorities after detailed enquiries, but Floppy Disk is maybe an alias. Other suggestions included Elastopants and Free Willie.

LAST WEEK: The former Falkirk player who was Jim Leishman’s assistant was Gregor Abel. And did you recognise the late Vic McKinney who played for Falkirk and Northern Ireland in the mystery pic?

SEEING RED: The game turned when referee Muir sent Michael McGovern off for that challenge on Colin McMenamin. It happened so quickly it was difficult to work out what the sequence of events was. Stephen Kingsley’s pass-back was short, but whether or not McGovern was guilty of stopping a goal-scoring opportunity remains open to debate. Surely a case for taking a leaf out of the rugby referee’s procedures. Contact the video referee in the stand. “Is there any reason why I shouldn’t award a penalty?” Don’t say it’s too expensive, because both clubs were filming the game anyway.

MILLAR TIME: I just had a sneaky feeling that Mark Millar was relishing that chance at the free-kick. It was a real beauty and even better than the one he scored against Rangers. Keep it up, Mark.

RALIA CAFE: A great wee stopover on the A9 and you’re sure to meet several Bairns supporters en route to Dingwall. I didn’t realise they did such a fiery cappuccino, until one of the party admitted that they had mistakenly put pepper into their coffee. Altogether now- s.u.g.a.r. = sugar, p.e.p.p.e.r. = pepper.

SITTING PRETTY: What a palaver! Steven Pressley was completing his four-match ban and was trying to assess the various options for seeing the game before kick-off. Several blazers moved him on after and eventually he was graciously allowed to take a seat in “a safe area”.

TEASER: Which four players have played in over 400 games for Falkirk?

WEEL-KENT FACE: It was nice to see former Bairn Brian Irvine at the game. He was doing some summarising work for Moray Firth Radio. He recalled the days when he trained at Brockville after a day working in the bank. One day he was so hungry that he had a black pudding supper before the session. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the young Irvine and his meal went their separate ways.

MYSTERY PIC: Who is this former Falkirk player? From which club did Falkirk sign him?

BENCHMARKS: Match rating: 8 Team performance: 7 Opposition: 7 Referee: Muir 4 Best Bairn: Mark Millar