The one with sheep, George Orwell and Wee Jimmy Krankie

Who is this famous former Gunner? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Who is this famous former Gunner? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
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The Benchman appreciates managers who tell it like it is - and Rovers fans apparently inspired by famous writers.

WHERE ARE YOU?: What about that attendance at Starks Park? 1715 bothered to turn out. A glorious day. End of the month. Two teams near the top of the league. Not too far to travel. Why? Try any combination of the following- prices, type of football, television, social media, bus parking, other attractions. Why spend over £30 when you can watch it for free? The game is in need of major surgery - not elastoplast.

ABU DHABI ROVERS: Couldn’t believe the name of the match sponsors- Abu Dhabi Rovers. If that well-known Scots comedienne, Jimmy Krankie became a supporter, would she be a Fans Abu Dhabi Rover?

IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL...There’s late and there’s late. The Bairns fans, who stayed until the end were all ready to give their full and frank views on their team’s performance, when young Kris let fly and earned a most unlikely point. Expect the unexpected anyone?

TELL IT LIKE IT IS: First time in ages, I have been at a press conference when both managers described the same game I’d been at. Derek McInnes and Gary Holt were honest in their assessment. Well done guys. No cliches. No jargon. No flannel. No blinkered viewpoint.

THE SHEEP ARE BACK: As The Dons fans let us know to some effect - The Sheep Are Back. On Wednesday’s showing I kind of agree. After many false dawns (no pun intended) they are looking like a side again and with an average age of under 24, the future looks better for the Granite City.

LEST WE FORGET: A very moving ceremony at Tynecastle last Friday when the brass plaque was unveiled commemorating the men of McCrae’s Battalion. Several Falkirk players and supporters signed up and there is a surviving picture of the Falkirk players and manager Daddy Nicol at the recruiting station at Haymarket. There is a picture of the regimental team in the Falkirk Stadium and maybe the club should think about a similar plaque.

ANSWERS: The ex-Bairn who scored a hat-trick for Preston was Sammy Taylor and the brave keeper was Bert Slater.
TEASER: Whose career path was Shettleston, Stenhousemuir, QoS, Falkirk, Stenhousemuir and Derry City?

MR ORWELL, I PRESUME?: Kirkcaldy in late September is not a place you’d expect to see such attire. In front of the press box was an elderly gentleman wearing a light suit, beige flannels and a straw hat. The sunglasses gave him an uncannyresemblance to a well-known writer. Look out for Homage to Kirkcaldy on Amazon soon.