The Ibrox saga and Alex Parker memories

Can you identify this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you identify this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman says he wouldn’t be surprised if Rangers started playing in green, considering recent developments.

YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP: What on earth is going on at Rangers? We thought we had our fair share of plots and counter-plots in the Deans and Fulston eras, but they pale into insignificance compared to the events down Govan way. By the time you read this, don’t be surprised if John Brown is manager, Bet 365 have bought the club and test-tube Blue-Nose hamburgers are on sale in the pie stalls. Oh - and Rangers have been sponsored by ASDA and are now playing in green. And Charles Green has been elevated to the House of Lords.

AND THE REST IS HISTORY: We were given an old Charles Buchan Football Annual for use in the Football Memories groups and there was an article by Alex Parker of Falkirk and Scotland. He tells the story of how he became a full back - by accident.“ I joined Falkirk as an inside forward, was tried in the half-back line, and had a first team outing at inside right against East Fife in my first season. At the end of 1953/54 season, we went to Berwick with only eleven players. We had so many injuries that I was told I would have to play full-back. I didn’t relish the idea.” And we all know what happened next.

FIVE-A-SIDES: We also came across some old photos of the Brockville Sports and various Falkirk five-a-sideteams. Goalkeepers included Jim Richmond and Ian Rae. There were also some epic cuttings from the Battle of Brockville when Tommy Lowry and Pat Crerand were sent off and mayhem ensued in the four versus three encounter. Epic stuff.

NOTHING LIKE A GOOD LOSER?: I know it’s not a good idea to interview players in the immediate aftermath of a controversial defeat, but St Johnstone goalie Allan Mannus’s outburst took sour grapes into a new dimension.He hoped they got hammered in the next round in front of a very small crowd. He did stop short of wishing them a plague of locusts. All the best lads.

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ANSWERS: Last week’s picture was Jerry Dawson who started off at Carmuirs Park with Camelon Juniors. The 80/1 outsiders who took the European title were Greece