The Benchman: Which Bairns are in the 400 club?

Can you name these players? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name these players? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman reflects on the decline of Hibernian and keeps quiet about long-range free kicks when in the company of a certain ex-Scotland goalkeeper.

THE LATE, LATE SHOW: A great game for the neutrals last Saturday and it was a good advert for the division. Many of the press pack were mightily impressed by the football on offer.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: Well done to Queen of the South and their manager Jim McIntyre for their positive approach to the game. There was no Mourinho-style parking of the bus and they went for it. They had a great support too and if they can keep the nucleus of the team together, they will do well next season.

ROUGH JUSTICE: There was a late arrival in the press box and a heavy figure looked flustered as he clutched his bag of tricks. There was no yellow jersey and no over-the-top perm, but it was none other former Scotland keeper Alan Rough. His enthusiasm for the game remains undiminished, but don’t ask him about long-range free kicks.

THE 400 CLUB: There is always a great debate about who are the members of the exclusive Falkirk 400 Club. Some statisticians include league games only, others go to the other extreme and include Stirlingshire Cup games. There is however a general acknowledgement that the top group consists of Tom Scott, John Markie, Tom Scott, George Watson and Wilson Hoggan.You could also argue a case for Bob Shankly and Kenny Dawson.

THE ITALIAN JOB: We were given a rare programme to help raise funds for the Football Memories project. It was a league international between the Scottish League and the Italian League and was played at Hampden Park on Wednesday November 1st 1961. The all-star Italian side included three British players. Can you remember who they were? Clue: Joe Baker wasn’t one of them.

GLORY, GLORY? The decline of the Easter Road side is drastic and there are rumours of dressing-room unrest. Manager Terry Butcher must rue the day he left Inverness. The turnover of managers down Leith way is surely concerning - and in any other business, there would be some serious questioning of those in charge. It seems no time since we were playing Alex McLeish’s side at Easter Road in a promotion match. Since then, they have had nine managers.

MISS YOU NIGHTS: Some of the reaction to the Hibs predicament was extremely hostile, and BBC radio microphones were struggling to blank out the stronger comments. As usual, there was the usual black humour from across the city. Did Hibs have an attachment problem and just couldn’t leave their neighbours to face adversity on their own?

ANSWERS: Last week’s picture was an Aberdeen team being led out by Archie Glen and behind him was Scotland keeper Freddie Martin.John McCole left Falkirk for Bradford City.

TEASER: After Tom Ferguson and George Watson, which goalkeeper is third in the list of all-time appearances for Falkirk?

MYSTERY PIC: Who are wearing the No 4, No 2 and No 5 jerseys? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp