The Benchman: Where are the old crew?

Who is this and which ex-Bairn does he share a name with?
Who is this and which ex-Bairn does he share a name with?
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The Benchman thinks Falkirk should alter their focus, and it might spark the re-appearance of his Hope Street cronies.

COSTLY LESSONS: Lessons to be learned. The Championship is a hard league. This is the best season to get out, before Rangers - and maybe Dunfermline and Hearts - arrive on the scene. To get out of the Championship you need experienced players - ask Partick Thistle. The focus needs to be the first team squad.

ROCK BOTTOM: Dumbarton were down to the bare bones of a squad. Jack Ross was listed as a sub, but had no real intentions of playing unless in the direst of emergencies. They looked fit, keen and eager. They seem to know how to cause Falkirk problems. Is this our new bogey side?

DRESSING ROOM SANCTITY: What a load of nonsense about the Roy Hodgson comments made in the privacy of the England dressing-room. Whatever he said to Andros Townsend was apparently taken as a joke and no offence was taken. There are books that could be written about events in dressing-rooms. Flying teacups, doors booted in, players fighting with managers. Players fighting with players. It is a no-go area. Falkirk have had their fair share of dressing-room disasters, but they remain the stuff of legends and hear-say. I mean who would ever believe a player might threaten to lamp a future knight of the realm?

ATTENDANCES: Last week’s Herald ran a Football Memories feature on George Miller who bemoaned the decline in attendances at Brockville. He described 2000 crowds as disgraceful. Last Saturday, there were only 2704 at the game, and maybe not all paying customers. Something is radically wrong with what the marketing people call ‘the product’. Our old gang from the Hope Street End have all but disappeared. I thought back to the Stainrod days. What has changed so radically?

TEASER: Which former Falkirk manager played for both Rangers and Celtic and won eight Scotland caps? Last week’s picture featured the Shire and Hamilton Accies. The Israeli team was Maccabi Peta Tikvah. Falkirk beat them comfortably

TIME TRAVEL: An old chap in a Football Memories Group, was talking about “Boy Bastin”. He went to Highbury to watch him and he remembered leaving his bike in a couple’s garden for 2d. His recall was spectacular and I looked up the players he was describing. The guy was talking about 1928/29 season.

BENCHMARKS(Dumbarton): Match rating:8 Team:6 Opposition:7 Referee: 4 Best Bairn: Vaulks Vaulks