The Benchman: Turn up for the bookies

Who is the ref, what are the teams and where is the game?
Who is the ref, what are the teams and where is the game?
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The SPFL Championship is a league of shocks for Hamilton, Falkirk and Dundee. Expect the unexpected as they say in Falkirk.

ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL: Some Bairns fans came away thinking that two points had been dropped, but felt much better when the results from Hamilton and Dundee came through. Better late than never and it shows what a tough league this is now becoming. The bookies would have had three home bankers before kick-off time, but credit to Cowdenbeath, Alloa and Morton for giving it their best shot. The old cliché about no easy games was never truer.

TELL IT LIKE IT IS: Credit to Gary Holt and David Hopkin for an honest assessment of the game. Open, frank and realistic in the press conference- and relatively free from clichés. Some previous Falkirk incumbents- no names, no pack drill, - were so predictable that the reporters could have written their comments for them. After stepping up to the plate and being counted, of course.

ANSWERS: Last week’s player was Willie Allan and the mystery team was the Dundee League Cup winning side from the early 1970s. The hairstyles and the flares were a good clue.

“ELL” OF A FARCE: Just when you think that football can’t get any sillier- it goes and proves you wrong. Leeds United, a once proud club, was made a complete laughing-stock by the sacking/re-instating/sacking of their manager Brian McDermott. The players gave their answer on the park in no uncertain terms- a 5-1 win over Huddersfield. Fit and proper persons , anyone?

JAY FULTON: Good Luck to Jay in his new career at Swansea. His is a special talent and he could really look the part when in top form. He has the touches and the vision and may yet prove to be another of the Bairns who find success down south. 

TEASER: Which Falkirk player moved from Brockville to Roker Park and represented Scotland, Great Britain and also played in the FA Cup Final?

AND IF YOU’VE ALL ENJOYED MY LITTLE SHOW...: Deadline day has become something of a vehicle for the ego of erstwhile Scotsport reporter Jim White. How much mileage is there in shots of saturated reporters standing outside deserted training grounds and telling us every five minutes that nothing is happening?