The Benchman: Stark’s Park seemed more glamorous in the 1950s

Can you name this team and its famous manager? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name this team and its famous manager? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman was pleased by Gary Holt’s tactical flexibility but dismayed at another poor turn out in Kirkcaldy.

MY ENEMY’S ENEMY: It was interesting to hear the same reaction to one of the half-time scores at Kirkcaldy. Dunfermline’s reverse at Stranraer was greeted with loud cheers at both ends of the ground.

TOO MUCH VIMTO?: Some guys in the Raith hospitality seats had obviously over-indulged in the Vimto. All through the game, we heard the same dirge “Stand Up For Your Whites.” It was really awful and only dackered off when Rory Loy fired home.

COURAGE OF YOUR CONVICTIONS: Fair play to Gary Holt. The planned formation was just not working and Raith were tearing Falkirk apart down the left. It would have been easy to limp along until half time and then make changes. By then the damage might have been too great. To make a change after only 38 minutes took some nerve.

COMMON SENSE BREAKS OUT: At last, we are starting to put the punters first. Well done to the club and Raith Rovers and allowing drop-off points at the ground. Contrast that with some of the other clubs we could name, where older fans walk ridiculously long distances from and to buses. Some stopped going to certain grounds, thus depriving these clubs of income.

1950s MEMORIES: Some of the more senior pressmen were sharing stories of the old Stark’s Park stand before kick off. The barriers that obscured your view in 1959 were still in the way in 2014. Others recalled the terracing and mound of ash behind the goals. The football was better then - all of them agreed on that.

RAITH RECALL: It was sad to see such a poor crowd for a game between two traditional town teams. Falkirk and Kirkcaldy have a lot in common and there have been some great encounters. My favourite was the Friday night game after the 1957 cup final when we won 3-2 and were fined £100 for fielding a weakened team.

ANSWERS: The two players in the picture were Alan Cousin and Bert McCann. Alan ended his career at Brockville. Clive The Whistle disallowed Brazil’s goal was against Sweden in that World Cup match.

OPULENCE OR WHAT?: A colleague in the press box certainly impressed with his new-found wealth, maybe the result of a lottery win or a pay rise. We started with Champagne, hock and then port, and finished up with a double gin. You can’t beat a good bag of Wine Gums. Thanks Mr Oliver.

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