The Benchman: Saluting The Falkirk Herald’s Sharp Dressed Man

Can you name these players and identify which has a Falkirk connection? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name these players and identify which has a Falkirk connection? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
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The Benchman was pleased to see Mark Kerr return to Falkirk and wonders what Phil Mitchell is doing at Selhurst Park.

IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL...: Many Falkirk fans will have gone home believing two points had been dropped. The moral - never leave before the final whistle. My old grandfather once took me away from a Brockville match when we were 3-1 down. When we got home, I found we had won 4-3.

IT’S RAINING MEN: We had a trip down Memory Lane last week at the Senior Bairns with films from old Falkirk games. The Hibs-Falkirk match at Easter Road was a real gem. The Falkirk fans were sitting out in the pouring rain, while Easter Road was being developed. Big deal - the Hibs staff handed us free yellow plastic ponchos. I think there is still one up in the loft.

LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS: Last week’s picture was one of Davie McParland and his Thistle team celebrating a title in the dressing room. You might have recognised ex-Bairn Chic Smith. The player who scored the hat-trick was Eric Cantona who moved from Leeds to Manchester United.

FOLLOWER OF FASHION: There was one reporter who stood out in the pressbox on Saturday. While others looked like Sherpa guides or Munro-baggers, our man was resplendent in Crombie coat, collar and tie and neatly-pressed trousers. Good to see The Falkirk Herald keeping up standards.

TIME PASSES: Hard to believe that we were watching the “veteran” Mark Kerr playing for the men from Dumfries on Saturday. Mark is now approaching 32 and it is hard to remember that we had him at Brockville as a teenager in the days before the Academy concept was developed. A great passer of the ball.

LOOKALIKES NO. 457: What on earth is Phil Mitchell of Eastenders doing in the Crystal Palace dug-out? Watch Match of the Day next time and see Tony Pullis’s little helper.

TEASER: Who were Brazil playing when Welsh referee Clive Thomas ruled out a last minute header from Zico in the 1978 World Cup?

STENNY: When was the last time a team scored three times at Ibrox and didn’t win? The 41,794 spectators must have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief as the Warriors pulled off a great result. Ex-Bairn Sean Higgins scored twice and must have enjoyed every single minute.

LOGICAL OR WHAT: Met a guy last week whose business card informed me that he was John Z. MacPherson. Curious to find out what the “Z” stood for, I asked him if his Dad was a Dons fan. John was mightily impressed by my apparent psychic powers. Yes. Were you born about 1974? Yes. Spooky or what? As our meerkat friend would say - simples. Zoltan Varga, Aberdeen, striker, 1973/74. Ten league goals in 26 league games. Legend.