The Benchman: Players plaid well, then left

Who is catching 40 winks on the way back from Wembley?
Who is catching 40 winks on the way back from Wembley?

The Falkirk FC club kilt is becoming as synonymous as the club calendar for players’ departure fate.

KILTED OUT: Since Yogi and Tony Parks in the Falkirk FC tartan, there have been many changes to the adverts for the club kilt. There seems to be a bit of a link between the models chosen and an imminent departure, usually to English football. Saturday’s programme ad was no exception and featured Stewart Murdoch now of Fleetwood Town. It used to be the curse of the calendar, especially Mr January and Mr February, now it might be the curse of the kilt.

THE NUMBERS GAME: It was never easy to identify the numbers on the back of striped or hooped shirts, but at least Hamilton came up with a solution with an all-red back. On that topic- what is it coming to when you have a player with 99 on his back? Will we see the first one to have three digits on his back. Mind you, I can think of a few candidates for the 666 shirt, can’t you?

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO: There was no doubting the quality of the three goals last Saturday. Jay Fulton’s goal caught many of the scribes looking at their keyboards, but fair play to Accies. Mickael Antoine-Curier’s strike was a classic centre-forward’s goal and the winner from Ali Crawford was as good an example of a curler that you will see. Sadly.

DON AND DUSTED: Aberdeen have proved to be our League Cup nemesis on several occasions. The hardest to bear was the defeat at Pittodrie when we played them off the park- and lost. Now we have a real chance to make amends and the BBC cameras might just have picked a real cracker of a tie. .

IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?: Top of the Table clash? Not judging by the lack of noise in the opening half an hour last Saturday.Punters were deep in conversation, presumably discussing the Syrian crisis, while you could hear every word the players were saying - not always a bonus. Don’t know if it’s just nostalgia, but I can’t remember Brockville being so lacking in atmosphere.

ANSWERS: The striker with most goals was Lawrie Reilly who had 22. The mystery player was Sammy Baird who had Baird’s Bar in Bo’ness and played for Clyde, Rangers, Hibs, Third Lanark, Stirling and Preston N.E. 

TEASER: Which captain was the first to be sent off when he was dismissed in 1986 Scottish Cup Final? 

WHEN YOU’VE SEEN ONE: Embarrassing moment for a well-known journo when he interviewed an Accies player thinking he was goalscorer Ali Crawford. “That was some goal you scored.” “Me? - I didn’t score.” D’oh!

BENCHMARKS (Hamilton): Match: 9 Team : 7 Opposition: 7 Ref:Madden 5 Best Bairn: Jay Fulton