The Benchman: Late strikes punished early risers

Can you name the Falkirk player and where the game is taking place? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name the Falkirk player and where the game is taking place? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman is terrified of the feathered fiends prowling The Falkirk Stadium

EXIT STRATEGY: Imagine leaving the cinema three minutes before the end of a thriller. I couldn’t believe that some fans in the South Stand were heading out with 87 minutes on the clock and Falkirk on the attack. Imagine their surprise when they found out the final score?

The numbers of seagulls on Saturday was seriously scary

THE BIRDS REMAKE? If they can film a new version of Whisky Galore in Portsoy, surely they can do the same for the Hitchcock classic The Birds. We have a great location - The Falkirk Stadium. The numbers of seagulls on Saturday was seriously scary. They were big too, and swooped dangerously low through the Main Stand in search of food. Note to the club marketing team - there may be a big market for seagull-proof helmets in club colours. On second thoughts - maybe just in the club’s away colours

PRICING STRATEGY: A crowd of 1175 at the game tells its own story. In days of old, a season ticket meant just that. A ticket for every game that season. I know all about gate money, the need for both clubs to agree and the various competition rules, but you don’t need an Einstein to work out that cheaper pricing would have brought a bigger crowd.

ANSWERS: Last week we saw Harry Colville tending to an injured Celtic player and Bert Slater came to the club from Tranent Juniors.

TEASER: Who replaced Tully Craig as manager at Brockville?

SPFL TRUST: Those who doubt the influence of a football club in a community, should have been at the meeting of the SPFL Trust in Hampden Park on Wednesday of last week. Programmes for every age range from two to a hundred and two were showcased by clubs big and small. Falkirk, The Shire and Stenhousemuir were there and the meeting was chaired by former Falkirk Foundation stalwart Nicky Reid.

BOO-HURRAY: Remember the two old guys in the Muppet Show who had a private balcony- Statler and Waldorf? They constantly rubbished everything they watched, but occasionally changed their opinion. On Saturday, there were several boos when Craig Sibbald and Will Vaulks were taken off and replaced by Blair Alston and David Smith. By time up, many were pointing to the introduction of the two substitutes as the turning point of the game.

THE BIG 7-0: Hard to believe that former Brockville favourite George Gibson is approaching 70 this November. You always imagine that your heroes never age and they will always be ready to don the navy blue at any moment. The Markie- Miller- Gibson axis was one of the best ever and who will ever forget the Cunningham seasons when they were at their very best.

WORLD CUP DRAW: Lesson from the past. You can beat England home and away, but unless you beat the other teams as well - you won’t qualify.