The Benchman: Is 11 points difference a fair leveller?

Can you name the goalkeeper and name the team wearing the darker strip with the lighter hoop? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name the goalkeeper and name the team wearing the darker strip with the lighter hoop? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman has reservations over the new play-off system

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: It was never going to happen - was it? To expect two upsets on the same afternoon was asking too much. One maybe- but two? Manager Gary Holt was spot on when he made the changes in personnel when he knew the scores elsewhere. Fresh legs for the trip to Dumfries. Eleven points behind us- and yet they have a chance of promotion to the top flight? It is very exciting, but is it fair?

ALLOA JOY: Best moment of the afternoon for me was the reaction of Alloa keeper Scott Bain when he realised that Queens late equaliser at Central Park had saved Alloa from a play-off. He raced to the small group of Alloa fans and dived into the crowd. It was like a scene from a rock concert and it meant so much to those who follow wee teams. The small band of Alloa fans certainly made a lot of noise and their vocal backing made for a great atmosphere in the ground. Well done folks.

TEN LITTLE GOALS: Morton have been slaughtered in the press and media for shipping ten goals against Hamilton Digraceful! Scandalous! Amateurish! Clearly the present-day scribes don’t remember the reaction of Bairns fans to certain events across the Forth back in season 1958/59. Next week’s Football Memories story will bring back the nightmare match when credulity was stretched beyond belief. And we won’t mention a certain game at Broomfield when Airdrie needed a bagful of goals to stay up and the were playing already relegated Falkirk?

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS: Great response from Bairns fans to the first ever Football Memories match. We saw a range of old strips, yellow, red, navy, white and the infamous chessboard. Thanks to all of you who entered into the spirit of the afternoon. There are several pictures on the Football Memories League Facebook site. Thanks too for the generosity of your donations- they will help produce more resources for use in the groups.

MYSTERY PIC: Can you name the name wearing the dark jersey with the lighter hoop?

TEASER: Which club did John McCole move to when he left Brockville?

ANSWERS: Last week’s picture showed Scotland keeper Lawrie Leslie and the Northern Ireland captain was Danny Blanchflower. The England keeper sent off in his 971st appearance was Peter Shilton.

IT’S NOT OVER TILL... Talk about a sting in the tail? You can only imagine the feelings of fans when they think their team are safe and then there is a goal deep into stoppage time. Cowdenbeath and Doncaster fans must have thought they had broken mirrors, walked under ladders and run over an army of black cats.