The Benchman: Farewell to the man in the sports jacket

Falkirk face Hibernian at Easter Road in August 1965. Can you name the players seen here? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Falkirk face Hibernian at Easter Road in August 1965. Can you name the players seen here? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman didn’t think he would see the day when Bo’ness United could pull in a bigger crowd for a Scottish Cup game than Falkirk.

ARTHUR MONTFORD: Last week was not a good one for sport. The passing of Arthur Montford marked the end of an era. The early days of Scotsport were a million miles away from the slick, digitally-enhanced, multi-camera approach of today’s broadcasters. Arthur was a punter with a microphone and some of his commentaries are legendary. He was a real gentleman and if he hadn’t been commentating on a Scotland game, he would have been in the crowd. The sports jackets were unforgettable and you can still hear him saying “up go the heads” or referring to a “stramash”. Above all else, he knew his stuff and he was also very good on golf too. He will be missed by all those who knew him and looked forward to that warm friendly welcome from the man in the sports jacket.

THE BLUE BRAZIL: Well they were playing in red this time around, but they were still a million miles away from Rio’s finest. It must be one of the oddest nicknames in football history and there are many stories about how it was acquired. Older cigarette cards always referred to the club as The Miners - much easier to understand.

THE ‘MAGIC’ OF THE SCOTTISH CUP: It was sadly lacking last Saturday. Prices were ridiculously high and people voted with their feet. The lowest crowd at a Scottish Cup tie for many a long year was a predictable reaction. The 58 away fans did well for their club and their return was good value for their team, as the gate money was shared between the two clubs. Why was the away stand opened? Why didn’t Cowdenbeath agree to lower prices? It was like playing a game on the Moon - no atmosphere. No wonder the game is in such a bad way.

BO’NESS UNTIED: It had to end sometime and the Bo’ness team deserve great credit for reaching this stage of the competition. Arbroath are a good side and will probably win their league in style. A crowd of 1769 was better than Falkirk managed. It took four goals in eight second half minutes to end the game, as the junior side ran out of steam.

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery pic featured Drew Jarvie in his Aberdeen days. Thomson Allan was signed from Hearts.

MYSTERY PIC: The above image shows Falkirk taking on Hibs at Easter Road in 1965? Can you name the players? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

THE RANGERS SAGA: Where will it all end? Last week’s episode would have the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse - it did.

FIFA’S SAKE: Talking about sagas. What on earth does it take to find the truth behind the World Cup bids for Russia and Qatar? The best bid of them all was from Australia and yet they were first to be eliminated. Qatar was deemed high risk by FIFA’s own staff - yet wins through. What’s wrong with that?

TEASER: To which club did Falkirk transfer Neil Berry?