The Benchman: Falkirk leave the Old Firm in the shade

Can you name this Grangemouth-born player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name this Grangemouth-born player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman turns the page and praises the Falkirk programme team and hopes for a Millar revival.

MARK MILLAR: Those who thought Mark was twice the player he was when he was at Falkirk, had their worst fears confirmed on Saturday. He was hardy recognisable from the player who scored that never-to-be-forgotten winner against Rangers in front of the South Stand. Let’s hope he can rediscover the form he showed as a youngster.

BRONZE MEDAL: Well done to Gordon McFarlane and his team for finishing in third place in the Programme of the Year awards. They were up against the Big Boys at Hearts and Rangers who have Premiership-style programmes - and it might be said - Premiership-style prices. The amount of energy, dedication and effort put in by Falkirk’s volunteer team is commendable and the modest editor will not like taking the credit for this.

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery player was Lawrie Reilly, famous for his late goals - hence “Last Minute Reilly”. Alex Parker was signed by Bob Shankly.

TEASER: Who did Falkirk play against in Rowan Alexander’s testimonial?

THE ROAD AND THE MILES: Spare a thought for Southampton fans who went to the game at St James’ Park last Saturday night. Cold, frosty evening match ending at 7.30 p.m. Off to the coaches and a road trip of some 520 miles in treacherous conditions. Home by about 2 a.m.

WELL DEVELOPED: Falkirk sit third top of the Development League - four places above Celtic and seven above Rangers. It shows the way forward. One of the main problems of the Scottish game in the past was the import of highly-paid players from overseas - many of whom were less than excellent.

SNOW JOKE: You’re not going to tell me that the presence of the TV cameras didn’t influence the decision to start that Rangers-Hearts fiasco at Ibrox. As ever, it was the punter that suffered.

HEART-FELT: Had a great time last week in the company of two Jambos whose combined age was 165. They recalled some epic encounters at Tynecastle, but upset me when they described in great detail two nine goal hammerings of Falkirk. Hard to bear.

MYSTERY PIC: Can you name the Grangemouth-player seen above?