The Benchman: Ex-Bairns reunion at Easter Road

Can you name this player and do you know his famous nickname? Tweet your answer to @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name this player and do you know his famous nickname? Tweet your answer to @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman suggests that Hibernian might want to upgrade their PA system and hopes for a pre-war influence for Falkirk’s next home kit.

PA SYSTEM: The famous Norman Collier broken microphone routine was surpassed by the hyperactive announcer at Easter Road on Saturday. The guy bellowed into his yellow-topped mike, but only he knew what he was going on about. Volume - 10/10. Clarity - 0/10.

WHO ARE WE AGAIN? It is getting like an old school reunion at Easter Road. George Craig, Eddie May- and now Tom Elliot as well. Who will be the next recruit to swap their Falkirk match day coat for a Hibs one?

SCORES ON THE DOORS: It was hard to keep up with the scoreline against Hibs. Was 1-1, should have been 1-2, was 2-1, 3-1, and could have been 5-1 early in the second half. 3-2, 3-3 and might easily have been 3-4 if that 40 yard thunderbolt of a free kick had gone in.

GLORY DAYS: So it was a wintry day and it was the post-festive hiatus. But a crowd of 9,489 for a Hibs home match against decent opposition? The model of old Easter Road which is in the press room brought back memories of the really great Hibs sides. Crowds of 50,000 for league games, queues to get in and playing legends such as The Famous Five.

ANSWERS: The player lining up the putt was Jimmy Greaves. The Falkirk player who won the SFL Young Player of the Year award in 2000/01 was a young man called Mark Kerr.

MEMO TO SALES: Around this time of year, the thoughts of the commercial department turn to next year’s playing kit. Now there is not much you can do with navy blue and white that hasn’t been done and some of the new kits are almost indistinguishable from their predecessors. So - why not look at some variations like the Paris SG kit, or even better - the Falkirk kit from the post-war season. Navy top with red sleeves.

TEASER: Who was the Falkirk manager who signed Alex Parker?

THE DEBIT COLLUM: Willie Collum is allegedly one of the best referees in the country and has had several international and European assignments. Last week, saw two of his major decisions overturned and red cards rescinded. At Easter Road, he needed a good game. Some of his decision-making was eccentric to say the least. His performance at the goal that never was was poor. He apparently even asked John Baird if he had scored! Come back Tiny Wharton - your country needs you.

THEY DO GROW OLD: It is always a sad occasion when you buy one of the football yearbooks, and see that some of your boyhood heroes have passed away. Their obituaries don’t always appear in the press. To us, they remain as they were - active, fit young men and instantly recognisable. The memories they gave us are invaluable, vivid and treasured.