Supporters’ Society backs Bairns’ return to Falkirk

Fans group the Falkirk Supporters’ Society has given the club a vote of confidence following Monday’s AGM - but criticised it too.

The club detailed a profit making year ending in May 2012, but revealed another loan from directors, supporters and shareholders had been taken amid £600,000 of outsanding loans, to tide it over until January.

At that stage a player is expected to be sold, and the FSS said that scenario cannot be allowed to develop into a vicious cycle.

In a statement, the group - officially launched in September - said: “ In some areas there is not enough commitment. This is especially obvious when the manager talks about building a team to get to the SPL against the statement of having to sell players to cover the clubs losses.

“The club should allow the manager to build a team which is capable of playing at the highest level of the game and not sell our best assets too early without re-investing in the first team. The current strategy of actively seeking to sell young players before the club has seen a medium term benefit to the first team we believe is not acceptable to the Falkirk Supporters.”

It also demanded clarity on the club strategy to settle the long term loans it has to individuals.

However, the fans’ group welcomed the proposal to bring the first team, and eventually the Academy, back to the town which would be based at The Falkirk Stadium if the club could secure a suitable surface.

The statement went on: “The club should actively seek to take full ownership of the Falkirk Stadium to ensure it can maximise income from the site. The Academy must be ring fenced and returned to Falkirk.

“The club should seek to return the training facility to Falkirk with a view of re-engaging the club with the support and the benefits that will bring with the Falkirk public as a whole.

“In summary most of the club’s strategy looks promising on paper. However the Board have now to deliver on their plan and attempt to re-engage with the supporters at the same time. The Society will continue to try to assist the club as best we can.

“We believe it is time to implement a strategy which is achievable, open and excites the Falkirk Supporters.”