STARSHOT: Falkirk V Dumbarton December 26, 2015

Mark Kerr
Mark Kerr

Three points were vital for Falkirk’s title aspirations, but the points in the top three places in the Starshot rankings could go a long way to deciding where this year’s award goes.

*** Blair Alston: With a wonder goal, and the game’s only real note of interest there can only be one winner. So often the bridesmaid but rarely the bride, the midfielder took centre stage with a truly excellent goal and a moment of quick thinking. Aside from that was his usual boundless energy and shuttle runs from box to box. Many sides would benefit from an Alston in their team.

** Mark Kerr: When teams are absorbing the Bairns pressure, patience is what’s needed and Kerr’s positioning and simple passing are pivotal to this aspect of Falkirk’s play. He was exactly what they needed to take their time to pick holes in the Sons’ defence. They did it a few times with through balls for Kevin O’Hara but the visitors’ defence recovered. If more teams play like this at The Falkirk Stadium, Kerr’s composure will become increasingly important to Falkirk’s prospects.

* Will Vaulks: The perfect partner for Kerr at the moment, and a disciplined contrast. While Kerr takes the ball and distributes Vaulks wins it and, when the patient build-up doesn’t factor, the Englishman’s driving runs can, and will catch teams out. Just pipped John Baird and David McCracken to the starshot point which takes his into the lead again, it was a moment of quick-thinking from Vaulks which laid on Alston for the goal. He doesn’t just score spectacular strikes, he sets them up too.


18 Vaulks; 17 Baird; 13 Rogers; 12 Sibbald; 11 P.Grant, Kerr; 8 McHugh; 7 Muirhead, Miller; 6 Taiwo; 5 Watson, Alston; 4 Smith;

3 McCracken, Leahy; 2 O’Hara.