Sporting questions raised at Fir Park event

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The Benchman enjoys meeting up with some famous faces from the past

THIS WEEK’S TEASER: Which former Falkirk player was once on the opposite wing from Stanley Matthews?

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: The two players were Alex Parker and Jimmy Greaves pictured in an Everton v Spurs match.

THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: Name this player’s clubs in chronological order.

LOOK AT ME, I’M A REFEREE: Remember the days when you came home and when someone asked you who the referee was you couldn’t recall his name? That was probably because the guy was a good referee and just got on with it. The days of Jack Mowat, Tiny Wharton, Bobby Davidson and co. seem a long time ago. The current generation seem to think that they are the stars of the show.

WELCOME TO ALBANIA: Central Park must be the worst football stadium in the country. It makes Cliftonhill look almost palatial. The dominance of the stock car franchise says it all and the parking arrangements for the supporters’ buses were dictated by the arrival of the racers – well before the end of the football match. Many thought it was like being in Albania. That is grossly unfair on Albania.

NO WAY TO TREAT FANS: Several Bairns fans stated that they would not be making any further visits to Cowdenbeath’s ground. Elderly and disabled supporters were made to walk past the main entrance some 600 yards round the ground, up a steep incline, enter through a turnstile and then walk round the perimeter track to take their seats in the ‘stand’. The distance from the main entrance to the stand is about 50 yards. You could get through that entrance if you were a director, a reporter or if you didn’t let on you were from Falkirk. We are talking about people many of whom are well over 70 and several who have medical conditions.

MATCH HIGHLIGHT: Man of the match? Step forward the wee ball boy in front of the main stand. The ball landed inside one of the giant white tyres around the track. The ball boy, who must have been about six years old, jumped in and completely disappeared only to pop up again holding the ball. He got the biggest cheer of the day - and rightly so.

BENCHMARKS: Match: 5 Team: 5 Opposition: 5 Referee: O’Reilly 5 Best Bairn: Stephen Kingsley.