Shinty fans have it easy

Can you identify this brave goalkeeper who is diving at the feet of a Cologne player?
Can you identify this brave goalkeeper who is diving at the feet of a Cologne player?

The Benchman remembers a time when football referees were blessed with an important skill - common sense.

KEEPING UP SUPPORT: Good to see former players still supporting their club. Pat Liney was a familiar face at the game. Pat is a volunteer at the Football Memories group up in Dundee and it is always good to see him and chat about the Dundee title-winning side from the 1960s.

OFF THE LEISH: The grandson of former Bairns full-back William Leishman was a proud man last Saturday. Visiting Scotland for the first time, he was taken to Morrisons supermarket to see his granddad’s old ground and the 1906 team picture on the glass window. He brought with him a family heirloom - a Falkirk F.C. medal from 1904/05, when his granddad was a member of the Bairns team that won the Stirlingshire Consolation Cup and the Infirmary Shield. The best bit of all was seeing his granddad’s pictures on the walls inside the stadium and of course seeing Falkirk win 3-1.

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery player was Archie Robertson of Clyde and the Bairn who earned seven Scotland caps and went on to manage Norwich, West Brom and Brighton was Archie Macaulay.

CRAIG BEATTIE: Was that really former Scotland player Craig Beattie coming off the bench last week? This season he has been at Alloa, Scunthorpe, Partick and now Dundee - and we haven’t reached October yet. He looked a shadow of the player who earned seven Scotland caps in his prime.

SCOTLAND’S FINEST?: No wonder you think back to the days of Tiny Wharton, Jack Mowat, Bobby Davidson and the like. These guys were not always popular, but they were respected and consistent. Saturday’s display by Willie Collum - allegedly one of Scotland’s finest referees - was an example of what has gone wrong. Common sense? Awareness? Football experience as a player? Where is Peter Craigmyle when you need him?

TEASER: Which former Falkirk player once scored a hat-trick when Preston North End beat Birmingham City 8-0 in 1958?

MYSTERY PIC: Who is the heavily-bandaged keeper saving at the feet of this German striker in a European Cup tie?

RELAX, LET CAPSTAN TAKE THE STRAIN: The Senior Bairns meeting for September took the form of a film show of football’s greatest games. The epic England v Hungary match at Wembley featured and to the amazement of the assembled crowd, a close-up showed the Hungarian substitutes sitting behind the goals smoking throughout the match.

LESSONS TO BE LEARNED?: The 2013 Camanachd Cup final was held at Fort William a couple of weeks ago. It was a family occasion and rival fans mixed freely. Admission £10. Quality programme £1. Teas, coffees and drinks were all reasonably priced. Compare that with football finals. Quite.