Saying a sad farwell to Lawrie Reilly

Can you identify the Celtic player challenging for the ball? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you identify the Celtic player challenging for the ball? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman pays tribute to one of Scotland’s great footballers and reminds Falkirk fans to put the defeat against Dumbarton into perspective.

PARS FOR THE COURSE: Oh dear. What a poor turnout for a club in trouble. 1,344 to see The Pars take on their biggest rivals? OK- sunshine, BBQs,holidays- make any excuse you like, but that was not a good indication of support. Remember the night we played Partick at Brockville? That was how a town cared about its team.

CALM DOWN, DEAR: To judge the reaction on One F on Tuesday night, you would have thought that Falkirk had been relegated, humiliated and disgraced at Dumbarton. It was the youth team against a strong Dumbarton side - and the Stirlingshire Cup at that. Get a grip, lads.

WHAT A LOAD OF WONGA: Wonga couldn’t have bought the amount of publicity they had last week. Papiss Cisse and the Church of England were hostile opponents. Hold on...The C of E indirectly funds Wonga’s parent company. Cisse was OK with visits to casinos. Pay day loan companies are everywhere. Mind you, I wouldn’t want them on our shirts- would you?

LA MEME CHOSE: The design company must be laughing all the way to the bank. The branding and identity for the SPFL was totally revolutionary- not.

EVERY PICTURE: Came across an old Rotherham team the other day. There, sitting in the front row was a certain J. McCole, the former Falkirk centre-forward. I always thought John was one of our best exports to England.

LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS: Eddie White was transferred to Bradford City. The team was Dundee and the two players with a Brockville connection were Bert Slater and Alan Cousin.

TEASER: Which team beat Rangers 12-4 on aggregate in a European Cup tie?

MYSTERY PIC: Can you identify the well-known player in the green and white hoops challenging for the ball? Bonus points if you can identify his opponent.

THREE IN A ROW?: Farid - Lyle - and now Phil. Can we unearth another scoring star?