Partick Thistle 1 Falkirk 1: Fans views

Falkirk fans at Firhill. Picture Michael Gillen.
Falkirk fans at Firhill. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk supporters packed out Firhill with 1410 in attendance. Here’s what you had to say about the 1-1 draw

@jimmyg1972: “Thought it was a slow start, maybe a bit defensive but credit to the manager for changing it, could’ve won it late on.”

Falkirk fans at Firhill. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans at Firhill. Picture Michael Gillen.

Craig Charleston: “Played well. Massive gap between Rudden and the midfield. Two or three weeks ago we’d have lost that game so let be positive.”

Niall Holland: “Need to drop the extra defender for another striker and get on teams from the start. Thistle weren’t very good and can’t remember Mitchell making many saves.”

Jim Jarvie: “Sat back and gave Thistle to much respect until they scored. We look far better pushing forward, need to start gambling and have a go at teams from the start. Great to see we now have a team worthy of our support.”

Niall Howarth: “Turned up to get a draw and got one. Will be interesting to hear mr McKinnon who uses the excuse of not having his players in the club as why he plays so defensive. Eight new signings still parking the bus. Need three points in games. Not gonna get make with 10 men behind the ball.”

@UncleBairn: “Parking the bus against Partick Thistle was very disappointing. However, we wouldn’t have fought back for a point not so long ago. Home wins a must going forward.”

XAllie XOliver: “Rudden really needs some help up front although Davis Keillor-Dunn looked fast and keen when he came on. Paton coming on was the game changer as he looked up for it, quickly followed by Harkin’s sending off. We should have made more of that. Not as good as last week, but an improvement in general. We need to start catching Alloa though!”

Alister Tetsill: “Setup not to lose. Didn’t lose. Something must be going right.”

@kennyjamieson: “Still too defensive but improvements there for all to see. Ray needs to trust new players, who are better than what we had, to go and win games. Understand not wanting to lose but it’s wins we need to stay up. Confident this will happen if we add one or two more attacking options.”