Out with the old and in with the new - but at what cost?

Can you identify this team and where they played their home matches?
Can you identify this team and where they played their home matches?
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The Benchman was dismayed to see a historic football building being part-demolished shortly before Falkirk dismanted their Queen’s Park opponents.

EARLY DAYS, BUT: There were some encouraging performances against Queen’s Park in the two games last Saturday. Scott Shepherd looked keen and Ollie Durojaiye looks like the kind of ball-winner we have been lacking for some time.

TWO INTO ONE WON’T GO: SPL and SFL staff are waiting anxiously to see who gets which jobs in the new league structure. Transfer of Undertakings from Previous Employment could throw up some interesting debates. I looked after 12 teams. I looked after 30. My league was richer. My league was bigger. My league had three clubs with major financial difficulties. My league had one - and those were caused when it was in your league. Seconds out - round two.

MAKING FRIENDS AND INFLUENCING PEOPLE: Bringing back Joe Kinnear was on a par with any crazy decision ever made by the Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley. The ‘Kebabgate Incident’ only heightened tension and you can bet that the Toon Army will try to remove the cheeky chappie as soon as possible - or as soon as they raise £270,000,000 to buy him out. What would the parallel be at Falkirk? The return of certain past Bairns managers - no names, no pack-drill - as directors of football, would cause a riot. Worryingly enough, some are available.

WASN’T THAT BAD?: For years, Bairns fans have agonised over that infamous 9-0 half-time score at Fir Park in a League Cup tie against Motherwell. It is scant consolation to find that we weren’t the worst. Stirling were 15-0 up against Selkirk in 1984, Spurs were 10-1 ahead against Crewe in 1968 and Australia were just 16-0 up on American Samoa in a World Cup qualifier in 2001. I don’t feel so bad now.

PIE CHARTS: Greggs want to become Pie Kings of Scottish Football. Killie Pies are allegedly the best in the SPL. Killie owe the Pie Man money. The Pie Man wants to buy into the club that owes him money. Remember Hearts and the original Pie Man who sold his shares to Vladimir Romanov?

MYSTERY PIC: Name the club in the picture above and their home ground.

TEASER: Which club was the first to install an artificial pitch in Scotland when they did so in 1987/88?