OPINION: Claim Falkirk worse off than 1998 crisis is ludicrous

Colin Liddell of Falkirk FC Major Shareholders Group (MSG)
Colin Liddell of Falkirk FC Major Shareholders Group (MSG)

One of Falkirk’s major shareholders, Colin Liddell, responds to Bairns fan Gordon Profit’s ‘On The Wing’ column from last week.

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Not for the first time, Gordon Profit argues for change at Falkirk FC. Not for the first time he offers a distorted perspective on the affairs of the club. Not for the first time he promotes criticism and opinion, but offers no solutions.

For him to suggest that the club is worse off now than at the time of interim administration is ludicrous. Playing in a new stadium, debt free (having inherited £2.7 million of debts) and living within its means, the club is undoubtedly more sustainable than at any time since then and in the years leading up to interim administration.

In response to his criticism of the ‘old guard’, the shareholders who led the club out of its difficulties in the late 1990s are well aware of the need to pass the baton of responsibility to new shareholders. The harsh reality is that there has been little or no interest from any fan or fans willing to invest significantly in the club.

The opportunity to invest much-needed capital remains open to anyone with the club’s best interests at heart, if Gordon and others of like mind are willing to put up cash to support their opinions.

It is important to remind Gordon that the Board of Directors – appointed by voting of ALL shareholders – is charged with running the club, not the major shareholders. He makes the sound point that a new Chair and a Chief Executive are in place and they need time to make an impact.

Performance on the field this year has fallen far short of both expectations and the needs of the club, and that perhaps is a key factor in Gordon’s current frustration.

The board has taken steps to address this, with the departure of Peter Houston. If Gordon wants shareholder change, he could do something about it. But will he?

Colin Liddell is one of Falkirk FC’s major shareholders group. It also comprises Douglas McIntyre, Martin Ritchie, Lex Miller, William Moffat and Sandy Alexander.