Old pals’ act down Hartlepool way?

Picture West Ham winning War Time Cup'''Soldier in uniform with cup is Falkirk boy Norrie Corbett of Hearts and West Ham
Picture West Ham winning War Time Cup'''Soldier in uniform with cup is Falkirk boy Norrie Corbett of Hearts and West Ham

The Benchman noticed a trend in one of the English results... and was sure he saw a familiar face on Saturday morning.

MANAGERIAL MERRY-GO-ROUND: Reggie Smith once said there was a very thin line between success and failure in terms of football management. Try telling that to Roberto Di Matteo. FA Cup winner. Champions League winner. Deemed not good enough a few months later. Rafael Benitez shouldn’t plan on buying a house or flat in London. He could rent out office space by the day.

TEASER: Last week’s player signed from Southampton was Colin Cramb. The abiding memories of the striker, who ended his career at The Shire, relate to shaven eyebrows after a “prank”,and fighting to get the ball away from Stevie Fulton to take a penalty at the Hope Street End. This week tell me Which ex-Bairn was in the 1975 car crash when Jock Stein and another friend were seriously injured?

MYSTERY PIC: Last week, The player striking for goal against Celtic was Tiger McLaughlin and the defender trying to block the shot was Tommy Gemmell. The stranded Hoops keeper is Ronnie Simpson.This week’s pic is a real challenge. It shows West Ham leaving the pitch after winning a war-time Cup Final. What is the connection to Falkirk in this picture?

MYSTERY TRIALIST: I was along at TK Maxx in Falkirk on Saturday morning before the game, and I could have sworn I saw Farid El Alagui browsing the rails. I was half-hoping to see a mystery trialist line-up in the navy blue during the warm-up. Should have known better though, said gent was just seeking a bargain - and not kissing his cash.

THAT’S BETTER: At last we can say we are a top six side. League positions will be crucial if and when we eventually get league reconstruction. I remember one of the guys saying during the season at Brockville when we missed relegation due to Airdrie’s demise, how important it was that we finished as high as possible.He was right.

THE YOUNG ONES: Take away Michael McGovern, Darren Dods, Jon Flynn and Lyle Taylor and that was a real home-grown effort on Saturday. All of them graduates of The Falkirk Academy and didn’t they do well? There is plenty of potential there and all they need is a bit of consistency- and luck.

LAUGH OF THE DAY: One wit in the press box asked when we had last seen a game so lacking in atmosphere. Quick as a flash came the reply- “Last week, and the week before that, and the week before that.”

LOOK-A-LIKE OF THE DAY: A close one. Hamilton’s No.9 looked like Claudio Cannigia, but Falkirk fan Alex Polson wins the award this week. He was sporting a Russian-style furry hat and had pulled the ear flaps down. With his finely- trimmed moustache, he was a dead ringer for the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

WHAT A SKIMPY AWAY SUPPORT: Recession. Travel. Prices. Form. League position. OK- but was that really the away support for a team that was in the SPL a few years ago?


Match rating: 8

Team rating: 7

Opposition: 7

Ref:Tumilty 7

Best Bairn: Kieran Duffie