Old faces at Greenock

Can you name the players in this Scotland team from the late 1950s?
Can you name the players in this Scotland team from the late 1950s?
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As Falkirk welcomed Alex Smith back into the manager’s position, albeit temporarily, the Benchman sees another few old faces.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Steven Pressley- the former Falkirk manager,- now that takes some getting used to. I suppose it was inevitable that he would move on at some point and his CV certainly would appeal to clubs determined to develop a youth policy. It seems no time since he was announced as Eddie May’s successor. He has had his ups and downs, but if he is successful at Coventry, he will have to thank Falkirk for the start they gave him.

DOWN SOUTH: Will Steven Pressley join the ranks of successful Scots managers who have made the grade Down South? It is a huge challenge and Sir Alex Ferguson will remember how close he once came to losing his job at Old Trafford. The Old Trafford Board held their nerve and the rest, as they say, is history.

MORTON LEGENDS: There was a great reception for Morton Legends Roy Baines and Allan McGraw before the kick-off. At his peak, McGraw was an unstoppable centre-forward and incredibly brave. The warmth of the applause was palpable.

CUP SEMI-FINAL: Let’s hope that the powers that be can arrange sensible parking for the supporters’ buses and we don’t have the marathon trek to the stadium that we usually have. It is unfair on older supporters to have to pass up the chance of going because of the walking involved.

DUN AND OUT?: It is tragic to see events unfolding across the Forth and let’s all hope that Dunfermline can somehow be saved from going the way of Third Lanark. Big Jim Leishman is probably the only guy who can galvanise the Pars support and facilitate some financial rescue package. It won’t be easy and it is a wake-up call for the game in Scotland.

TEASER: Which former Falkirk player was the last person to score over 20 goals in the top flight of English Football for Middlesbrough?

Last week: The club that liked those men was non-league Gala Fairydean. The picture was a Second Division Select taken at Brockville and the three Bairns in the line-up were Ian Rae, Jim Oliver and Dougie Moran. Second from the right in the back row was a very young Ron Yeats, then of Dundee United.

MYSTERY PIC: Can you name the players in this Scotland line-up?

ONE GRAHAM BOWMAN, THERE’S ONLY ONE GRAHAM BOWMAN: Are you sure? Morton’s team-sheet had a Graham Bowman at No 16 and another Graham Bowman as the substitute keeper. When Lewis Small(the real No 16) came on late in the game, the Morton announcer was speechless.


Match rating: 7

Team rating: 6

Opposition: 7

Referee: Murray 7

Best Bairns: Stephen Kingsley and Will Faulks