Not a new chairman, just cover

Falkirk chairman Martin Ritchie and vice chairman Douglas McIntyre.
Falkirk chairman Martin Ritchie and vice chairman Douglas McIntyre.

While Martin Ritchie conducts a “structural and progressive review” of the Bairns, his roles have been passed to his deputy, who spoke to Falkirk Herald Sports Editor David Oliver.

Douglas McIntyre has been Falkirk chairman before - but he insists he doesn’t want to be in the hotseat again.

With changes being made to the board in the aftermath of last week’s AGM the deputy chairman has encumbered more of the day-to-day responsibilities of chairman Martin Ritchie.

As detailed in The Falkirk herald last week, that’s left Mr Ritchie time to conduct a structural review and develop a continuation policy for the board - something Mr McIntyre insists is necessary, as is his additional duties.

“I came back onto the board three years ago when we were losing £1m a year. That has changed now, we’re not far away and I can see the tanker turning.

“I’d only came back onto the board to support the chairman, the club and the other board members - I don’t have any ambition to be chairman.

“However this arrangement with me taking on more day-tio-day work is necessary for Martin to be given the space and time to conduct his review to strengthening the board in it definitely needs it. I don’t think the board, as it is right now, is good for continuation and that’s something we need to address.

“There are a few places to fill and it is sparse in professional knowledge and how to run the business - and that is what the club must be - run as a business. It is a time for realism - and that is a reality.”

Mr McIntyre has always seen himself as a background figure, happy for others to take the limelight. However the new jobs liasing with the daily staff particularly general manager David White and team manager Gary Holt will require a more visible presence .

“I’m prepared for that and to do that,” he added, “as a fan that is something you do - you get involved and do things for the good of the club that perhaps you wouldn’t have got involved in otherwise.

“I was involved in taking the club out of provisional liquidation. I’d been quite happy goign along to games as a supporter with my daughter and my friends - but you get involved because you are a supporter of the club and do what needs to be done.

“Since I’ve come back we have stopped losing £1m - that’s not because of me, it’s because of the collective efforts of the club and the board, and I think we’re on the right road. It’s time to look further, and that’s what Martin is doing for the next six months and this is what I’ll be doing until then.”

Mr McIntyre’s directorship expires at the end of May and whether or not he - and the chairman - continue their roles is open to interpretation and the outcome of the ‘root and branch review’. One thing is for sure. They’ll be kept busy by the Bairns until then.

“I already have a series of meetings arranged for the next fortnight. Already I have meetings with the Bishop’s Chair FSC and another with the Falkirk Supporters’ Society chairman. I do business face-to-face - that’s my way and there is plenty on my schedule already.”