Mariners make themselves noticed

Can you name the manager, the trainer and the kit man in this Bairns team?
Can you name the manager, the trainer and the kit man in this Bairns team?
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The Benchman reviews the returns of two ex-Camelon players - Jack Ross and Jim Lister - to the Falkirk district.

TEMPTING FATE ?: The match programme for the Dumbarton match featured a surprise 5-1 away win. At one time, it looked as though we were about to see another one. When it was 1-4 many Bairns die-hards had seen enough and headed for the exits. Imagine their annoyance when they got home and found their team almost pulled off an amazing recovery.

THE ONLY CLUB I’VE EVER WANTED TO SUPPORT?: Good to see a well-known Falkirk businessman in the Dumbarton directors area. I didn’t check to see if he was wearing a Sons tie or a club jacket, but I do know that he has amassed quite a collection of those from following his son’s football career. Look out for a Hartlepool rain-jacket in a charity shop near you.

PLEASE SIR, CAN I HAVE THE MATCH-BALL: Poor Lyle Taylor. He scored a great hat-trick at Airdrie and deserved the match-ball as a souvenir. Enter the Airdrie official. “Sorry, mate. We need that for the match-ball sponsors.” Nowadays clubs have plenty of match-balls, unlike the olden days, when the clubs had a single ball. I have heard a story- surely made up, that a well-known ex Bairns forward arranged for a small boy to be outside Brockville at a certain hour and he would boot the ball out of the ground intentionally. The lad was there right on cue and scarpered with a real leather football.

TEASER: Who has won more full caps for Scotland – Steven Pressley or Stevie Crawford?

THE LAST MYSTERY PIC:The pre-Christmas mystery picture was taken at Brockville before the kick off at the Falkirk v. Motherwell game on April 27 1957. It shows Bobby Orrock, who played in the 1913 Final, about to take the Scottish Cup on a tour of the ground accompanied by a pipe band. It was the first time many Falkirk fans had been able to see the cup.

THE LAST TEASER: The Bairn who found success at Highbury in his first season was Archie Macaulay, a local boy who had guested for his home-town team during the War. Archie played for Scotland on seven occasions and starred for Rangers, West Ham, Arsenal, Brentford and Fulham.

THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC:Can you name the manager, the trainer and the kit man in this Bairns team?

SCOTTISH FOOTBALL 2013:As we welcome in another New Year, many football fans are increasingly anxious about the state of our national game. No wonder so many are casting envious glances back to the past when Scottish Football had stars, characters and excitement. What would you give to have the likes of Willie Bauld, George Young, Paddy Buckley, Lawrie Reilly, Charlie Tully, Billy Steele and so many others coming to your ground?


Match rating:8

Team rating:6


Referee: Salmond 6

Best Bairn: Michael McGovern