Leicester - the best since Sir Bobby Robson’s Ipswich

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The Benchman has hailed Leicester City – and questioned Falkirk’s Hall of Fame.

SURE TO GO DOWN-NOT: What an amazing display by Leicester City at The Etihad last Saturday. No stars. No prima donnas. They were tipped to go down and Ranieri was a stick-on for the first manager to be sacked. Seasoned ex-pros remark on their work-rate, their covering and their pace on the break. The fact that Jamie Vardy has signed a contract extension with them speaks volumes. They are a joy to watch- and what a breath fresh air. They are the best entertainment since Bobby Robson’s Ipswich Town side took the division by storm back in the early 80s- and should have won the title.

TV DEMANDS, TV GETS: The move of the Hibs and Rangers games to the Friday night was not really surprising. There are swings and roundabouts in such changes- the loss of hospitality income balanced against the TV income, the Saturday afternoon workers can attend, but the Friday night workers can’t and so on. As we said last week- he who pays the piper.

OUT OF IT?: In expressions of doom and gloom that would have befitted Corporal Frazer of Dad’s Army, several Bairns fans seemed to settle for third place and concede any further progress. There is a lot of football still to be played and slip-ups by Hibs are more than possible. Admittedly, Rangers look odds-on to lift the trophy, barring any unforeseen administrative occurrences, but Falkirk could yet split the “Big Two”. It’s not impossible.

FERENC PUSKAS: The story of the legendary Hungarian forward was told in a documentary at the last meeting of the Senior Bairns, and is being repeated at the meeting of the Larbert Probus Club on Tuesday February 16th. Much of the archive footage hasn’t been seen in this country before and the player’s story is an incredible one. Those who saw him in his prime would rate him

as one of the best ever. The classic line from one of the England players in the tunnel at Wembley before their 6-3 hammering is epic- “We’ll be OK today boys- look at the state of that tubby wee guy they’ve got at inside-left.” The “tubby wee guy” was inspirational.

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery picture showed Bobby Charlton having a kick about in the street. The Polish Internationalist who played for Falkirk in a trial match was ex-Celt Darius Wdowczyk.

TEASER: Which Falkirk player played 29 games for the full Austrian international side?

HALL OF FAME: There is a big debate to be had around the criteria for entry to such an illustrious gathering. Impact, legacy, achievements outwith the club, are just some. Some of the current members would hardly qualify as legends, while some are conspicuous by their absence. I can think of several players who didn’t play 200 games who were deserving of a place. Simon Stainrod?


(Scotland v England Rugby)

Match rating: 8

Team rating: 7

Opposition: 8

Referee: Lacey 5

Best Scot: Richie Gray