It’s not over until the fat striker sings

Can you name the player on the extreme right of the back row and in the middle of the front row? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name the player on the extreme right of the back row and in the middle of the front row? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman has this week been impressed by the football on display at the womens’ European Championships - and the size of a certain Turriff United striker.

MORE THAN A COO: What impressive facilities at The Haughs in Turriff. All-weather surfaces and grass pitches of a very high standard. When you consider the vagaries of an Aberdeenshire winter, it was really impressive. Some ambitious Highland League clubs could well be in the SPFL within a matter of years and they would deserve their place.

THE BRIDGE TOO FAR: To get into The Haughs, the team bus has to traverse the narrowest, smallest bridge you’ll ever see. All out is usually the driver’s instruction as his vehicle inches over the construction. Reminded me of the bus at the end of ‘The Italian Job’.


In this case, the song we were waiting for was not from the fat lady, but the overweight striker. I have never seen a player so overweight as the Turriff striker Mike McKenzie. But could he play? Not harf, as the late DJ Alan Freeman would have said. The big man whose girth exceeded that of Dougie Robertson, and Brian Scrimgeour, had a good first touch and scored an absolute beauty from about 25 yards out. Book and cover anyone?

WOMENS FOOTBALL: Many dismissed womens football as a joke a few years ago - and with some evidence to back it up. Not any more. The standard of play is impressive. The heading, so often a weak part of the game, is as good as any and the shooting is powerful. Only the goalkeeping needs improvement in some areas. One of the best games seen in Falkirk in recent years was a Scotland Women’s International. In Rose Reilly, we have the only Scot who ever captained a World Cup winning side when she skippered Italy to victory.

TEASER: Which club changed their badge and their strip colours and have recently moved stadium?

MYSTERY PIC: Above is a picture of the 1952 Falkirk team. Can you name the player extreme right in the back row and middle of the front row?

LAST WEEK’S ANSWER: That was a picture of Dundee United before the Tangerine Terrors days. On the extreme right was local boy Gibby Ormond. The player whose career was outlined was Johnny Graham - who is now a keen sailor.