How did they know?

Former Scottish international goalkeeper Tommy Younger keeps fit pulling pints in his Liverpool pub. January 1961 P007233
Former Scottish international goalkeeper Tommy Younger keeps fit pulling pints in his Liverpool pub. January 1961 P007233
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The curious case of Falkirk’s team captain and other stories with The Benchman

POST-ACTION INTERVIEWS: Some of the post-event Olympic interviews were toe-curling. Disappointment, elation, stunned silence, giggling euphoria, physical exhaustion-all human emotion was there. Is it really necessary to put vulnerable people through this? Some of the interviews bordered on cruelty.

ATTENDANCES: Is it time to re-assess the value and costs of staging pe-season friendlies? The old sectional formula of the League Cup gave a range of early competitive matches and there wasn’t the farcical substitutions of entire teams. It is a bit much to expect supporters to shell out that much money for what are basically training matches. The fans are voting with their feet. Hearts- 1,622: Middlesbrough- 1,621: Bolton- 1,358.

FILM STAR FOOTBALLERS: Elgin City had David Niven in their side last Saturday and I noticed he had shaved off his moustache from his hey-day in films such as ‘The Pink Panther’ and ‘Death on the Nile’. I wonder if we could get a team of film stars? Let’s have your nominations.

SHOOTING PRACTICE: WH Malcolm will have to erect shields to protect their sheds from wayward footballs if the Bairns strikers continue to be so wasteful as they were on Saturday. Some of the shooting was wayward to say the least.

BEST CHANT OF THE GAME: After one decent save, the Elgin fans broke into a chant of “Scotland, Scotland’s Number One” in honour of keeper John Gibson. Optimism of the highest order.

SEASON STRUCTURE: Come on guys. August and the Scottish clubs are already looking at European exits. Remember The Vaduz Experience? We could have beaten them if we had been match fit. Why are we not playing football in the summer? When are the major championships held again?

TeASER: Which keeper won two European Cup winners medals but didn’t play any part in either game?

MYSTERY PIC: Can you name this former Scotland International player and what was his connection with Falkirk? Last week we featured an Everton team coming out of the tunnel led by ex-Bairn Alex Parker. Behind the Everton keeper was ex-Partick Thistle full back Sandy Brown who was born in Grangemouth in 1939.

FIRST FOOTS: I remember seeing Falkirk play Elgin up at Borough Briggs in a pre-season friendly, but last Saturday was the first competitive meeting between the clubs. I hear we will be meeting another new club in the next round of the Ramsdens Cup. We will then have a full set of Scottish League opponents.

Match rating:7
Team rating:7
Referee:Allan 7
Best Bairn: Stephen Kingsley