Hibs V Falkirk: Hampden high left Lyle Taylor low

Pic Lisa McPhillips 13/04/2013'William Hill Scottish Cup Semi - Final Hibs v Falkirk'Hampden Park, Glasgow'Lyle Taylor at end of the game
Pic Lisa McPhillips 13/04/2013'William Hill Scottish Cup Semi - Final Hibs v Falkirk'Hampden Park, Glasgow'Lyle Taylor at end of the game

One on one with Hibs’ goalkeeper, a man who has already conceded three times, the money was on one of Falkirk’s most prolific scorers to hit number four.

But Ben Williams defied Lyle Taylor, just as he had in the first half.

This time, in the second half, Blair Alston wasn’t on hand to sweep in the rebound. Hibs were there, though, and managed to build a victory from the leftover rubble from a first-half demolition job by Falkirk.

It was a humbling experience for Falkirk, fans and players, from the elation of half-time to dejection and exhaustion of full-time.

“Everyone learned a lot that day,” admits Taylor. “I learned I’m not very good at one-on-ones!” Two years on, he can joke about it but in the aftermath the striker was criticised, for uncharacteristically for him, not converting.

It hurt, and so did the defeat. Even his team-mates had a pop at the end of the season awards, introducing the striker up on stage for his award only to be met with the face of Hibs’ keeper that day, Ben Williams.

“I took a lot of stick after it, but aside from not scoring I played well. I had a good day - we all did.

“Memories from the day are amazing. Memories from the game aren’t quite so good but that first half was something special.

“We have a lot of pride from that game and the way we played in that first half where we took apart a team from the division above us.”

For Taylor it was the biggest game of his career until then. Since Hampden he has moved to Sheffield United and Partick Thistle via Scunthorpe United where he’ll return this summer after his loan deal at Firhill runs out.

But Taylor has also recently been called upto international football and scored on his debut for Montserrat last month. He qualifies through his grandmother, despite never visiting the little country after growing up in London.

He’ll still be down south this weekend, but he’ll be keeping tabs on the Bairns’ semi-final showdown when the memories will no doubt return.

“The fans were incredible that day,” he added.

“I had a great time at the club and it was incredible to be involved on such a big day for the fans and for Falkirk that day.

“We hit them so hard we just didn’t have anything left when they began to recover.

“I remember the buzz of the dressing room at half-time. Gary Holt walked in with a smile and joked, ‘This management thing is quite easy isn’t it?’

“We couldn’t believe we had done what we did. We had put ourselves in such a great position but second half we were out on our feet, but although the score is what will be noted down, we can look back with pride because that first half performance was an achievement.”

What the Bairns would give for a first half like that again. And a striker like Taylor too.