Hibs v Falkirk: Falkirk’s He-Man Peter Grant has mind set on a strong finish

Peter Grant has been a strong presence for Falkirk this term
Peter Grant has been a strong presence for Falkirk this term

He’s Falkirk’s He-Man, blonde, tall and strong – and he’s up for the battle on Saturday.

When the Bairns have been winning this season, Peter Grant has been a strong, dependable, vocal presence at the back, when they’ve been losing he’s been the same. First minute to last, he’s consistently given his all – and doesn’t Luke Leahy know it.

Grant’s uncompromising style has been a firm foundation for Falkirk to build on this season and he’s not about to give it up now. He kicked his own team-mate in the head to ensure the Bairns kept a clean sheet in the last round, and he’s ready for Saturday in a bid to extend the Bairns season.

It has threatened to peter out after two defeats in the past week but typically, Grant wants to keep going to the end, and finish strongly.

“All we need to do is finish the season as strong as possible and I’ve got it fully in my mind that we are not out of it. We’re still in the running until the final ball is kicked. We’ll get the cup game on and then Rangers and then Hibs again, whatever happens, happens.

“I’ve always thought mentality and positive attitude is important – you can’t give up and think that’s it over. It isn’t. It is still possible. Anything can happen and stranger things have happenned.

“I’ll still be fighting for it and battling on until the final whistle on May 2... There may well be games after that in the Cup and/or in the play-offs, that’s what I’m thinking and we are going to finish as strong as we can and see where that takes us.”

It’s not just physical strength that is a key part of Grant’s game either. There’s a mental strength that has surely been passed on from his dad, also Peter, who won the Scottish Cup in 1995 at Hampden with Celtic.

When the inevitable question is asked, Grant Jnr is as consistent with the answer as he is on the park. “He tells me to play the game, not the occasion.

“He’s played in many semi-finals and finals over the years, so I will always speak to him leading up to it.

“I’ll be treating it like a normal game but with the knowledge that there is something at the end of it for the winners, to get to a final, so there will be an edge.

“But I will focus and treat it like normal and prepare nromally and fully confident knowing there’s a good chance to get to a final against a team we know well and have come out on top against already a couple of times this season.

“Every game is different but we have to take confidence that we do have the upper hand on them this year with seven from nine points in the league games. If we do that and have our heads right and play to the maximum, enjoy it and play without fear we have enough about the squad to take the win.”

It’ll be Grant’s second ever visit to Hampden, and his first as a player. And up against Bairns’ favourite Farid El Alagui and a physical battle you get the sense Peter Grant is going to enjoy the day – and the occasion – right to the last minute.