Heading for Dundee ... not Dingwall

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The Benchman takes an irreverent look at the local and national football scene

LAST WEEK’S TEASER: The Falkirk player who was known as Mowgli was the late Paul McGrillen. He came along with Steve Kirk when Eddie May moved to Motherwell.

LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU: After last week’s Handshakegate we have a new one. What was going on between Mark Hughes and Martin Jol? Jol was clearly looking at the QPR manager whose gaze was elsewhere during the handshake. With the armada of cameras trained on every aspect of a game, how long before the FA issues an edict on post- match etiquette? Look. Pause. Touch. Engage.

IF THE CAP FITS: Well done to Michael McGovern for being included in the Northern Ireland squad. Who was the last Falkirk keeper to win a cap as a Falkirk player? (loan signings not included).

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY PICTURE: That was a rarely seen picture taken just after the Falkirk v. Aberdeen cup tie at Brockville in 1957. Among the officials were Reggie Smith, Jimmy McPhie and Ernie Godfrey and the players included Bert Slater, Jimmy McIntosh, Alex Wright, Andy Irvine, John Prentice, Tommy Murray, Derek Grierson, Dougie Moran, Eddie O’Hara and Hugh Neil.

TEASER: Which former Falkirk player made his debut for Ipswich against Bolton in August 1961?

HOLIDAY FUND: The club has been trying to trace an old supporter who came to the Partick Thistle night match during the time of the provisional liquidation. He handed over a margarine tub filled with money. He told the collector that it had been his holiday money, but that he could go on a holiday another time. His club, however needed the money instantly. It was one of several fantastic gestures made at the time. Anyone know who he was?

MYSTERY PICTURE: Which team is this? Which player also played for Falkirk?

GLASGOW CLASSIC: One classic. Translation required. Overheard during the time Enrico Annoni was at Celtic.”Aw-naw, no-Annoni-on an’-aw-noo” (Oh no, not Annoni on as well now.)


Match rating: 7

Team rating: 8

Opposition: 6

Referee: Finnie 7

Best Bairn: Willie Gibson