Google has ruined the mystique of the trialist

Which pair in this picture of Dundee have a Falkirk connection?
Which pair in this picture of Dundee have a Falkirk connection?

The Benchman quickly found out the identity of Falkirk’s two trialists over the past week... and could spell their names fine.

LYLE TAYLOR: Best wishes to Lyle in his new career at Sheffield United. He can look back at his time with Falkirk with pride. He was going nowhere until he came up here, just like Farid the season before. Both found the form of their lives and took every opportunity to get their move back South. They gave us some great moments.
WHO’S THE TRIALIST: Gone are the days when you had to wait until the press reports to identify the identity of the mysterious “Trialist”. Within seconds, Google goes into overdrive and before you can say bridie, the name of Rory Loy is blasted all over websites, Twitter and Facebook. Many will recall the days at Brockville when the inevitable question was “Wha’s that No.3?” Back came the obvious reply “Can ye no see it’s Dariusz Wdowczyk ?” Of course.How do you spell that? PRE-SEASON PREP: What would you rather have- a tour of Aberdeenshire, a trip to Holland or a Blues v. Whites Trial Match? Many will remember the old-style games with the first team forwards and the reserve team defence against the reserve forwards and first team defence. New signings in particular were targetted for special attention by the other players in his position.
ANSWERS: The team who changed their badge and their colours were Cardiff City. The two players in the team picture were Jimmy McPhie at the back right and Angus Plumb in the centre of the front row.
TEASER: To which club did Falkirk transfer Eddie White?
CLYDE- AGAIN: Two cup games in successive weeks against the same opposition. What were the odds on that happening?
WHY VIETNAM?: Those who wondered why on earth Arsenal were bothering to play in Vietnam just had to look at the crowd at the game against the national side.40,000 people mainly cheering for Arsenal and many in Arsenal strips. The Far East market is massive and there are English Premiership club shops at most airports out there. 
CLOSE SEASON?: It gets narrower and narrower. European under-21, Women’s internationals, tours and even in mid-July- Champions League qualifiers. The actual close season is about a week!